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What happens when Crystal has served its purpose?

If you’ve been following our lunar rituals at HOA, you would have experienced working with crystals to augment your spiritual practice. At HOA, we use a different crystal at each ritual in harmony with the astrological influences of the season. Crystals can be a useful tool for a myriad of different purposes, from manifesting your desires to attracting love, promoting luck, maintaining good health, ensuring protection, and even expunging negativity. By meditating with a suitable crystal, we can work with their energies to manifest our intentions. But have you ever wondered what happens when the crystal has fully served its purpose? 

After a time, we may develop a special connection with a particular crystal, or many of them at once. We may really enjoy being around them, or having them with us all the time - so much that we get really upset when something happens to them. We might accidentally loose our favourite crystals, or break them. We might even find the urge to give them away. 

Losing crystals is a very common phenomena when they have fulfilled their purpose. Perhaps they never belonged to us at all, but merely lent to us for a time. Breaking crystals, on the other hand, is a lot more interesting, because most of them are really hard. To have them breaking implies the presence of a really powerful energy you have been protected from. Finally, having the urge to give away a crystal to a specific person signifies that they need it more than you. 

Like any relationship, our connection to a crystal does not have to last forever. When the crystal has served its purpose, we no longer have a great need for it, so it is only natural for it to go along on its way. We think of it as returning to Pachamama, Mother Earth. We can reflect on our experiences with that particular crystal and what it symbolised to us, and then move on. We make space and invite new energies to come into our life for the next steps in our journey. We also recommend that you listen and sing along to "Ong So Hung, I am Thou. I am Peace, Peace is in Me" as you say goodbye to your crystal(s)...

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Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA


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