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Work with Suraya

Suraya augments elemental tools such as Mantras, Therapeutic Musical Instruments, Therapeutic Essential Oils, Botanical Flower Baths & Showers, Botanical Essences, Herbal Elixirs, and Sacred Smoke as part of her bespoke offerings. This wisdom and knowledge was passed down to her from generations of holistic practitioners in her family. Her Dharma is guided by her mother who practices Sufism, Pachamama and Huachuma Plant Medicine Ceremonial Journey in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Suraya has also facilitated and conducted Yoga Teacher Trainings, Yoga & Meditation Workshops & Retreats in Norway, Singapore, Bali, Sweden and Peru. 

Feminine Womb Space

Journeying through the 'Feminine Womb Space' are portals that take you deep into the realms of your Feminine essence, supporting you to heal and release deep wounding and blockages from your Yoni and Womb space so that you expand into your fullest creative and divine Feminine potential.

  • Gate 1: The Maiden 

  • Gate 2: The Mother

  • Gate 3: The Crone

  • Gate 4: Earth

  • Gate 5: Fire

  • Gate 6: Air

  • Gate 7: Water

  • Gate 8: Cosmic Womb

We will meet 9x for 75 minutes weekly via Google Meet. Kindly take note that our sessions can go overtime, please prepare an extra 30 minutes for each call.


Sound Ceremony

Our One-to-One session are deeply meditative, this in-person 2-hour experience brings the body’s seven main Chakras into alignment through a fluid combination of breathwork, somatic movement, aromatherapy, sound therapy and integration. This unique experience leaves you feeling calm and in a state of harmony, resulting in an increased feeling of wellbeing.

Microdosing 🌵 

Microdosing is one tool among many that you can learn to consciously work with to support you on your journey of transformation. 

Microdosing isn’t actually about the medicine, it’s about the invitation to show up and make contact with the present moment. Microdosing becomes an invitation to deepen into an intentional daily practice.

This 9-week Huachuma Microdosing mentorship goes beyond the basics of microdosing by exploring how you can leverage an advanced microdosing practice by combining microdosing with other modalities to tap into flow states, deeply align with your purpose and show up in all aspects of your life with more clarity and focus. 

Huachuma will be sent to you prior to the Mentorship. We will meet 9x for 75 minutes weekly via Google Meet. Kindly take note that our sessions can go overtime, please prepare an extra 30 minutes for each call.

Recommended mentorship for those looking to prep for our annual entheogen medicine retreat in Sacred Valley, Peru.



"Every ritual and mentorship session has been nothing less than memorable. Suraya has opened my eyes and my heart to a whole new world with her rich knowledge on meditation, mindfulness, plant medicine and aromatherapy. Her energy, her voice and her generosity to share are inspiring and motivated me keep learning." - Marcella

"Suraya is super friendly and she really listens. She connects with her affirming energy and her generous spirit is always encouraging. She is not afraid to appear vulnerable and her sincerity overflows. Suraya is gifted in her offerings. I always come away feeling sheer bliss and peace after every session. The reflective questions for integration helped me understand my challenges that eventually brought inner peace." - Radha


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