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Feminine Womb Space Mentorship

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Womb healing is Ancestral healing. Womb healing ripples through generations in the past and the future through one’s physical lineage and celestial lineage…

Journeying through the 'Feminine Womb Space' are portals that take you deep into the realms of your Feminine essence, supporting you to heal and release deep wounding and blockages from your Yoni and Womb space so that you expand into your fullest creative and divine Feminine potential through Womb Nidra and Breathwork.

  • Introduction

  • Gate 1: The Maiden 

  • Gate 2: The Mother

  • Gate 3: The Crone

  • Gate 4: Earth

  • Gate 5: Fire

  • Gate 6: Air

  • Gate 7: Water

  • Gate 8: Cosmic Womb

We begin on April 3rd and end May 29th. We will meet 9x for 75 minutes weekly (Wednesdays) via Google Meet. Kindly take note that our sessions can go overtime, please prepare an extra 30 minutes for each call. Sessions will be recorded and you'll receive weekly workbook for rituals and integration. The Feminine Womb Space is a 9-week mentorship and is open to a maximum of 8 women.

My womb space to yours,


"Suraya has the ability to create an intimate safe space where she takes you on a personal journey by guiding you with her soothing voice, calmly enabling you to connect with your body in a way which is both intuitive and healing. Extremely grateful for these experiences to help release feelings and emotions I have been holding onto, whilst helping me to reconnect with my feminine self. Suraya is the epitome of the feminine divine, with a strong connection to the natural world. Thank you for sharing your incredible knowledge  and gifts with the world ✨"- Farina

April 10th

Gate 1: The Maiden


The Maiden is young, innocent, and playful at heart. You can think of this phase as the transition a girl makes to womanhood. Before she has figured out her calling in life, before she settles down and starts a family of her own (if she wants to). Her lack of responsibilities and commitments means she can experiment, take risks, and have incredible adventures. Although she is yet to find herself, she’s enjoying every moment of this wild, unpredictable journey.


The Maiden archetype is bursting with life, passion, and excitement. Her outlook is eternally optimistic because she’s yet to meet some of the heavier challenges we experience through age.


She is confident and comfortable in her own skin and has an unapologetic, rebellious streak. She isn’t afraid to show the world who she is, and equally, she is not afraid to bend and break some rules along the way while she explores herself and the world. Every day she uncovers a new facet of herself and grows.


This archetype is dominant for young women in their teens and early twenties. However, we can experience the Maiden archetype during our session by re-claiming that youthful, playful and adventurous spirit. We are never too old to embody her.


April 17th

Gate 2: The Mother

The Mother archetype is linked to the Full Moon. She embodies creativity, nurturing (of the self and others), and attention.


Our society has reduced her to no more than birthing and raising children, but she is so much more than this; this is just one of her aspects.


The Mother learns to nurture, but not control. She supports and gives when needed for care and growth, and takes a step back to allow separation and freedom. This is what creation is really about; co-creating something with the divine, that is one day able to sustain itself without your presence.


She is also deeply connected to the Earth, and all of life. Plants, animals, and the elements. She believes that when we nurture and care for ourselves, and replenish our well, we in turn fill Mother Earth’s cup, too. We help nourish, honour, and heal her with our energy. So she is devoted to taking care of all beings, knowing that we are all connected.


Many women fall into the habit of devoting all their Mother archetype energy outward; to their kids, families, and communities; while largely ignoring themselves, and their own needs. But we cannot give from an empty cup. This is why prioritising yourself and self-care is not a luxury, it’s a foundational need.

April 24th

Gate 3: The Crone

The Crone’s (also known as the "wise woman") capacities are flavoured with a particular sharpness, clarity, and strength. Since it is the first archetype to work with both Yin and Yang energies together, the Crone is a very big energy to take in. This is not an archetype to activate carelessly. The Crone can instigate some major breakdowns before breakthrough occurs.


With a healthy inner Crone, an adult woman finds her ability to unflinchingly speak truth to power. Though it may be painful to be on the receiving end, her intention is to do no harm. She is both fierce and compassionate.


She brings the capacity to be with chaos and uncertainty, to be able to perceive that best next step in the unfolding of what is trying to emerge. The Crone doesn’t need to know more. The Crone archetype lives in the meeting place of knowing and Mystery. Synchronicities and dreams are a normal and natural communication tool. The Crone enables us to become more spiritually awake and in tune with the sacredness of all existence. She guides us between the realms – embracing dark and light.


The Crone allows us to have an open heart and to be with heartbreak—our own suffering and the suffering of others. She brings the strength and discernment to know what must die and pass away, even if it is an idea or a business. The Crone may even catalyse a major breakdown in your life, if that is what is required to help you move forward on your journey. She helps us to recognise death as a necessary and sacred part of life, not the enemy of it.


Being completely with what is—open to the Mystery…


She uses the language of Ritual to connect the unseen with the seen. Knows the power of Silence – knows how to act from this place of a deep Stillness… partnered with the mystery waiting for all the pieces to arrive before stepping forward.


And because of that, the Crone guides us to hold a space for something new and more effective to emerge from the ashes of the old.

May 1st

Gate 4: Earth

Our womb holds imprints of trauma, including ancestral trauma, is based on the concept of epigenetic. Epigenetic is the study of changes in gene expression that are not caused by changes in the DNA sequence itself. It is now widely accepted that experiences can cause changes to gene expression, which can then be passed down through generations.

Traumatic experiences can cause changes to the expression of genes related to stress response, which can then impact the development of the fetus in the womb. These changes can include alterations to the nervous system, endocrine system, and immune system, which can lead to long-term health effects and an increased risk of mental health conditions.


Ancestral trauma refers to the idea that trauma experienced by previous generations can also impact the development of the fetus in the womb. This is because changes in gene expression related to trauma can be passed down through generations via epigenetic mechanisms. Therefore, it is possible that the trauma experienced by our ancestors can leave a lasting imprint on our own biology and impact our health and wellbeing.


We all carry vibrational imprints from our ancestors in our personal field, it is essential to heal these imprints which can come in many forms including subtle and unconscious belief systems. In order to heal ancestral trauma and connect with the gifts of healing and deep holding and support that we get through ancestral connection, we all need to undergo a deep rebirthing process that raises our vibrational frequency.


This process involves healing, releasing old patterns, beliefs, and wounds that we inherited from our ancestors that play through our nervous system and energy body, and accessing the higher consciousness and wisdom that is available to us within our womb space. As we do this, we begin to unravel the gifts and power that have been passed down to us through our lineage, and we can use them to support our own healing and growth. This process is a powerful tool for connecting with our ancestors and reclaiming our heritage, and can help us to create a brighter future for ourselves and for future generations.


May 8th

Gate 5: Fire

Fire is related to the Yang energy of the Sun. It’s Masculine energy that’s motivating and driven. We are fully dependent on it’s life-giving energy, which is the symbolic fire in nature. All beings, including plant life, need the Sun to activate their life force; to grow and thrive.


We humans need just the right amount of Sun/Fire to activate vitamin D in our skin, which is responsible for healthy immunity, regulating appetite and sleep, supporting muscle & bone growth, and keeps our mood lifted. It’s obvious when we’re not getting enough Sun/Fire/vitamin D that our health suffers and our growth is stunted.


Internally Fire creates and stirs up deep desires. It’s the passion behind what we’re trying to bring out into the world. And it’s what makes us embrace life fully. Inner Fire generates heat and kindles our need to follow our life path.


Fire is also destructive energy, but we can think of it more as Transformative energy or Divine rage. It helps something end so another can begin; bringing regeneration and Rebirth.


You will learn to ignite your Inner Fire to purify your right ovary, your heart, your mind, and your spiritual essence by integrating with your Shakti breathwork - to burn away negative activity, helpful habits, and limiting beliefs that are stunting your inner growth.


This gateway is a symbolic death of the old self or ego identification is what’s needed to propel yourself forward, restoring your relationship with the Divine Masculine on your spiritual journey.

May 15th

Gate 6: Air

Air represents the Breath of life! It is an exchange of electrons or flow of energy. Air is the primary nutrient. Survival without it is measured in minutes. It is so important that you do it without thinking. Your breath, the way you breathe is the VOICE of your Spirit. It’s depth, smoothness, sound, and rate reflect your mood. The cosmic breath, the Hindus speak of called “Prana” is also the energetic life force the Chinese refer to as “Qi” energy.


The Air element resides on the ceiling of our womb space which possess the virtue of Knowledge. This gateway, we will focus on re-connecting with our Higher Self.


Have you ever felt disconnected from yourself, like you’re just going through the motions of life without truly experiencing it? Perhaps you’re searching for a deeper sense of purpose and meaning, or you’re looking to find inner peace amidst the chaos of daily life. Whatever your reasons may be, connecting with your higher self can be a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.


When embarking on a journey of self-discovery, you may encounter the concept of the higher self. The higher self refers to the spiritual part of you that transcends the physical body and mind, connecting to a Universal Consciousness.


Understanding the higher self begins with the practice of self-awareness and self-reflection. By tuning inward and examining your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your connection to your or the higher self.


Through this process of self-discovery, you can develop a heightened sense of personal development, gaining clarity on your values and purpose in life. Connecting with the higher self can further enhance your growth, providing a source of guidance and support on the journey of self-improvement.


Making a conscious effort to create a peaceful, tranquil environment for connecting with your higher self is an essential part of the process.


May 22nd

Gate 7: Water

The Water element represents your Feminine energy, your Feminine relationships (mother, grandmother, friends etc), past experiences and woundings. It also represents your intuition, receptivity and connection to your Soul and Feminine Wisdom.


The 7th Gateway, left side of your Womb, your left Ovary, the left side of your Body is one of the important areas of your Womb that needs regular cleansing and clearing. Many blocks, unresolved emotions and pain can be held here, which can hinder your ability to connect to your Feminine essence, access your Soul’s truth and wisdom and be in alignment to your Spiritual Gifts, Soul and the Universe.

Healing the Mother wound means Reclaiming the aspects of the Feminine expression that you've suppressed or shut out or sometimes barely even realise are necessary somatic expressions. It means doing this at a personal and collective level and re-grounding into Pachamama, Earth frequency through the roots to establish Heart and Womb coherency with the Pachamama.


Healing the Mother wound must happen at all levels-from personal to ancestral to collective. There is a huge Mother wound that is actually being actively reinforced by society as women disconnect from their wombs and humans destroy the very womb that has created and sustained them, Pachamama.


Remember that, We are Pachamama in our core grounded frequency. There is no separation. We share the same heart beat as her. The moments of separation can create lifetimes of disconnect, a longing to be held again in deep presence, the ability to feel loved. Healing the Mother wound begins and ends in the Womb space and the Womb of Pachamama is our mirror.


May 29th

Gate 8: Cosmic Womb

If we look deeper and begin exploring what exactly is this Cosmic Womb, we see that it is the foundation for all matter and anti-matter.  It is this supremely empty Universal blackboard of which all consciousness and all it’s content fall upon.


For us Women, the Cosmic Womb is your Uterus, the center of your Womb space.


In a more Spiritual context, you might say the Cosmic Womb is the home base where the creative all-loving God Source abides. The Womb is the Feminine aspect of God, and all matter and consciousness is the Male aspect. Just as you and I came from a Womb, everything in the Universe was also born out of a Womb as well. It is what existed before the Big Bang, before the first thought, before there was any empty void in existence.


When we begin personally exploring this 100% of pure emptiness of existence, we can often first encounter negative states of emotional sensation such as lack, apathy, loss, or even depression. This is part of the normal emptying out procedure, that is simply a clearing of the ego’s list of negative limiting beliefs it’s been gripping onto. Through a persistent curiosity, devotion, meditation, prayer, or spiritual practice of investigating this purely empty cosmically connected womb-like space inside us, we soon discover something radically divine and absolutely precious abides at the core.


At the core of our inner Cosmic Womb is absolute freedom, true inner peace, an indescribable Self love, a deeply penetrating awareness, and the connection to all the power and energy in the Universe. I realise this must sound quite outrageous and unbelievable, yet when you experience it for yourself you’ll see that’s precisely what it is. The Cosmic Womb is your sacred entry point, your spiritual gateway to instantly commune with the Divine. When we are inside this absolutely pure empty space, the most direct loving inner guidance immediately shows up, providing the most vital information and insights we were most needing to have.  


Discovering how to live in a constant reverent communion with this Sacred Womb within is the most solid spiritual foundation that we can relax our entire lives into. There is nothing more reliable since the Cosmic Womb is always there, always ready to be received, and always creating the deepest possible transformation within us. When we surrender deeply to life, we discover our own personal relationship and intimate connection with this deepest experience of reality. And to prove that it is real, we are given the gift of effortlessly finding total mastery over our minds, peace with every emotion we have, a profound unity with our own consciousness, and thus total mastery of our lives. 

We begin on April 3rd and end May 29th. We will meet 9x for 75 minutes weekly (Wednesdays) via Google Meet. Kindly take note that our sessions can go overtime, please prepare an extra 30 minutes for each call. Sessions will be recorded and you'll receive weekly workbook for rituals and integration. The Feminine Womb Space is a 9-week mentorship and is open to a maximum of 8 women.

"Thank you Suraya for holding space for me and fellow women for the last couple of months. Even though the guided sessions were virtual, I had this sense of sisterhood and felt your presence deeply. It has been wonderful to journey through the different womb gates, retracing phases of my life and ancestral patterns. I love how you blended information to introduce us to the womb gate of the week with a short intro at the start, followed by an embodied experience through breath and visualisation. You are a phenomenal facilitator in person, and equally present virtually 💕" - Laura

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