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Feminine Womb Space Mentorship

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Womb healing is Ancestral healing. Womb healing ripples through generations in the past and the future through one’s physical lineage and celestial lineage…

Journeying through the 'Feminine Womb Space' are portals that take you deep into the realms of your Feminine essence, supporting you to heal and release deep wounding and blockages from your Yoni and Womb space so that you expand into your fullest creative and divine Feminine potential through Womb Nidra and Breathwork.

  • Introduction

  • Gate 1: The Maiden 

  • Gate 2: The Mother

  • Gate 3: The Crone

  • Gate 4: Earth

  • Gate 5: Fire

  • Gate 6: Air

  • Gate 7: Water

  • Gate 8: Cosmic Womb

We will meet 9x for 75 minutes weekly via Google Meet. Kindly take note that our sessions can go overtime, please prepare an extra 30 minutes for each call. Sessions will be recorded and you'll receive weekly workbook for rituals and integration. The Feminine Womb Space is a 9-week mentorship is intimate and is open to a maximum of 10 women.

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My womb space to yours,


"Suraya has the ability to create an intimate safe space where she takes you on a personal journey by guiding you with her soothing voice, calmly enabling you to connect with your body in a way which is both intuitive and healing. Extremely grateful for these experiences to help release feelings and emotions I have been holding onto, whilst helping me to reconnect with my feminine self. Suraya is the epitome of the feminine divine, with a strong connection to the natural world. Thank you for sharing your incredible knowledge  and gifts with the world ✨"- Farina

"Thank you Suraya for holding space for me and fellow women for the last couple of months. Even though the guided sessions were virtual, I had this sense of sisterhood and felt your presence deeply. It has been wonderful to journey through the different womb gates, retracing phases of my life and ancestral patterns. I love how you blended information to introduce us to the womb gate of the week with a short intro at the start, followed by an embodied experience through breath and visualisation. You are a phenomenal facilitator in person, and equally present virtually 💕" - Laura

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