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Get to Know Us

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At House of Ascend, the Ouroboros (infinity sign on our logo) represent our Practices and Rituals which honour ancient Spiritual traditions that came before us. When we open our Hearts and Minds, we begin to see the similarities and landmarks in our Spirituality that connect us to a greater whole. With the Ouroboros as a symbol for a self-sustained system, we honour our ancestors and all the knowledge, practices and rituals that came before, which represent an unbroken chain that imparts Universal wisdom. As a symbol of Infinity, the Ouroboros represents our belief in the Infinite nature of the Soul, and our ongoing path toward Spiritual awakening and Enlightenment. Instead of the circular Ouroboros, the figure-eight symbol we chose for our branding represents balance and harmony, and hints at the concept of Yin Yang—the cosmological balance of Dark and Light. From polarising duality comes Divine Union, which then births Sacred Creation. At House of Ascend, our Soul purpose is to create—healing, transformation, community, music and magic. We do it so you may reconnect to your own Divinity. 

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Meet Suraya

Suraya Sam is the co-creator for House of Ascend, a concept born from her vision quest with Huachuma Ceremony alongside her family of Huachumeros in the Sacred Valley of Peru in 2017. She currently resides in Bergen, Norway and is a certified Educator, Trainer and Facilitator with over 14 years of experience in Yoga, Meditation, Pre-natal & Postpartum, Chakra Therapy, Pranayama, Gong Meditation, Gong Nidra and Aromatherapy. Suraya is also a Yoga Alliance continuing education provider with more than 27,000 registered hours. Her teaching ranges from various Yoga and Meditation practices to help guide One to understand the Sacred Science of Yoga and Meditation. She believes in the ability to Master and be in harmony with the layers of Oneself through the power of the Mind, Body, Breath, Heart, Womb connection and alignment.

Her Approach

Suraya augments elemental tools such as Mantras, Therapeutic Musical Instruments, Therapeutic Essential Oils, Bodywork, Botanical Flower Baths & Showers, Botanical Essences, Herbal Elixirs, and Sacred Smoke as part of her bespoke offerings. This wisdom and knowledge was passed down to her from generations of holistic practitioners in her family. Her Dharma is guided by her mother who practices Sufism, Pachamama and Huachuma Entheogen Medicine Ceremonial Journey in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Suraya has also facilitated and conducted Yoga Teacher Trainings, Yoga & Meditation Workshops & Retreats in Norway, Singapore, Bali, Sweden and Peru. 


Her Education

Gong Master Training with Don Conreaux & Yaelle E. Shaphir, Indigenous Plant Medicine & Rituals from the Rainforest with Adriana Ayales of Anima Mundi, Flowerevolution Program with Katie Hess of Lotus Wei, Yin Yoga: The Functional Approach by Paul & Suzanne Grilley, Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga Teacher Training with Amber Sawyer PHD of Embodied Woman Yoga Academy, Gong Nidra & Advanced Gong Mallet Training with Mehtab & Laura Benton of Yogi Mehtab, Crystal Tones Showcase Workshop with Alex Young of Crystal Tones, Seat of the Soul Retreat with Gary Zukav & Linda Francis of The Seat of the Soul Institute, Aromatherapy & Restorative (Iyengar Method) Yoga Teacher Training with Ed Dailey RN of Young Living, Chakra Yoga Teacher Training & Creating on Purpose Workshop with Anodea Judith PHD of Sacred Centers, Gong & Puja Training with Martha Collard of Red Doors, Bhakti & Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training with Chaitanya Nitai Das of Bhakti Yoga School, Hot 26 Yoga: Alignment & Sequencing Workshop by Rene Ekeheien of Pure Yoga, Seat of the Teacher (Anusara Method) by Patrick Creelman of Pure Yoga


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"Suraya is warm, natural, authentic and wise and her sessions never feel rushed, repeated or robotic, each session has been unique, restful, healing and revealing. It almost feels like I've been on a mini retreat after the sessions as I feel so calm, peaceful and restored." - Camilla

"Suraya has a wonderful way of holding space, always willing to share her time and knowledge and has a magical way of allowing people to tune inwards, connect to our inner compass for guidance, wisdom and direction. I recommend her to everyone I know seeking time to Relax, Reset and Reconnect." - Lexie


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