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You're Invited...

You're Invited...

Opening the Doors to the Self – A Mystical Huachuma Journey

We host an intimate bespoke entheogen retreat twice a year in the Summer and Winter season at our family-owned sanctuary located in the heart of the Sacred Valley, Peru. This mystical experience offers you deep insights into the Self and the Universe, giving you a greater sense of connection and spirituality fostering compassion and gratitude with the elements of Mother Nature.

Huachuma also known as San Pedro, The Grandfather or Trichocereus Pachanoi is an ancient entheogen cactus and it is one of the most sacred and wise consciousness from the Andes (2,000–3,000m above sea level). Inviting it into your life to work with is a big deal, even when taking smaller doses. The effects of Huachuma can be profound, and this practice can positively affect your entire life.  By connecting more deeply with yourself, you become more aware of spaces within that need healing, how you relate to and communicate with self and others, thoughts, patterns, behaviour, and so much more. Huachuma is a Heart Expansion plant medicine.


Should you feel a strong call to join us in ceremony, kindly fill up the form below to receive your invitation.

"This was the retreat I needed. In every way. It was an incredible enriching experience personally but also fascinating to be immersed in such a spiritual place and culture and to be held so gently and lovingly in the container that was this family style experience. There was lots of outdoor hikes and amazing sacred sites the campfire every night was incredible the hospitality food and support unbeatable and the people and insights found and shared simply magical." - Susan

Our retreat dates in 2024 are now open for reservation. Retreat costs are from €3,888 onwards, all inclusive except international and domestic flights.

  • Summer season
    January 20th - 30th


  • Winter season
    July 19th - 29th


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