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Lysefjorden Yoga & Meditation


Lysefjorden Yoga & Meditation is created for beginners, experienced practitioners, riders, hikers and everyone in between. Our classes are intimate, bespoke and experiential to bring about harmony in the Body, peace of Mind, and deeper connection with the layers of Self.

Classes are conducted weekly in English, every Thursday at 18:00 for Yin Yoga and every Sunday at 15:00 for Yin Yang Yoga.

This is a collaboration with Trivselsstallen & Lysefjorden Rideklubb. Come practice with us today!

**Kindly take note that Suraya will be in Singapore on Week 23, hence, no classes on June 6th & 9th. Classes will resume from Week 24 onwards.

What is Yin Yoga?

A quiet contemplative practice

Yin Yoga invites practitioners to delve into prolonged, passive stretches, often held for several minutes. This form of Yoga is designed to target the body’s deeper layers, particularly the fascia and connective tissues, rather than just the superficial muscles. Such deep stretches can have manifold benefits. They improve flexibility, foster a deeper sense of relaxation, and facilitate the release of physical and energetic blockages. Focusing on these connective structures enhances joint mobility and allows for a profound internal journey, promoting overall wellness and balance.

What is Yin Yang Yoga?

A practice for balancing energy, flexibility and strength

Yin Yang Yoga blends two styles of yoga into one practice – bringing together the benefits of passively holding Yoga poses with more dynamic sequences and standing postures. Yin and Yang are the Taoist concepts which describe the two relative qualities present in everything. Yin is more internal, passive, cooling and downward. Yang is more external, dynamic, warming and upward. When these terms are applied in Yoga, Yin Yoga is a slower practice where poses are passively held for longer. It works on the deep, dense (Yin) connective tissues and joints in the body. Yang Yoga, in contrast, refers to a more active practice. This works on the (Yang) muscles and blood flow, building strength, stamina and flexibility. Yang styles of Yoga are those with rhythm and repetition like Flow.

What is Sound Therapy?

A meditative and somatic practice for deep relaxation

Sound Therapy has long been practiced as a healing technique to manage a wide range of afflictions, whether in the Mind, Body or Soul. The basis of this technique is the understanding that all forms of Matter - including cells of our Physical Body - vibrate at different frequencies. Factors such as stress, sickness or depression causes cells and organs within our body to vibrate at non-optimal frequencies. Since sounds come at different frequencies and we too emit our own waves, healing with sound happens by matching frequencies of different sounds to those that are necessary and conducive to healing and relaxation in the person.

Outdoors Yoga Class
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