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A Sacred Women’s Circle

Women, the womb bearer, represent the portal between Source and physical life. The womb is the seat of all creation. From her depths, new life is created, nourished and borne. This portal connects all life to the natural world. It is a sacred gateway to the infinite.

Women, did you know your Grandmother carried part of you inside her womb? A female foetus is born with all the eggs she will ever have in her lifetime. So when your Grandmother was carrying your Mother in her womb, you were a tiny egg in your Mother’s ovaries. The three of you have been connected for a very long time. The matrilineal lineage is a thread that reaches into the past and extends into the future. It connects women to the wisdom of her ancestors and the potential of her descendants. During her lifetime the woman represents the physical meeting point of the spiritual realm, situated between those who have passed and those who have yet come to be. A sacred gateway indeed.

A woman connected to her womb and the rhythms of her life, walks in many worlds. She moves purposefully, confidently through our world guided by the knowing of her inner voice; so deep is her understanding of herself. She communes too with the world beyond us, listening to the whispers of the Universe; so steadfast is her connection with Spirit. She knows when to speak, but more importantly when to be silent, in order to read the signs that life presents her. What can I do to feel good today? She may ask, tuning into the signals given by her body. A woman has changing needs depending on where she is on her cycle. Every month, the womb ebbs and flows, ready to create life. In many cultures and traditions, the Moon is associated with feminine energy. Like the phases of the Moon, the woman also waxes and wanes with her menstrual cycle, that is, she takes time to bloom into the fullness of her Self but also allows herself to rest. A woman who is connected with her cycle invites harmony into her life, whether it may be for introspection, to nurture ideas, for creative expression or to release what no longer serves her highest good. She looks to the Moon and sees herself reflected back.

Behind every successful woman you may find a sisterhood. As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child.” Those who are mothers would agree that it’s infinitely helpful to her when many hands offer help and support. But for a girl on the cusp of becoming a woman, a maiden becoming a mother, or a mother becoming an elder, community support is just as vital. We are all birthing new versions of ourselves with each major cycle of our lives. House of Ascend wishes to create a safe space for the benefit of all women. When we sit in circle, we are implicitly suggesting that we are all equal and that we are connected. All hierarchies dissolve. Whether you may be in the Maiden, Mother or Elder phase of your life, you are all welcome to connect, be supported and empowered.

House of Ascend warmly welcomes all women to a 4-week journey on The Phases of our Menstrual Cycles & The Moon. This very special circle is hosted by Ascend co-creator Suraya, who will be guiding us through Womb meditation, Sound Bath and Journaling to correspond with the four simplified phases within the 28-day cycle.

The Reflective and Menstrual Phase on the New Moon, Winter Season

Signifying the beginning of the menstrual cycle, the New Moon is a time for introspection, to incubate ideas and release what no longer serves you. After all, it is the start of a fresh cycle, so how would you make full use of this opportunity? During this time, you may choose to meditate upon your sacred intentions so you may act with greater purpose. Like a seed being planted in the dark soil, consider this your time of germination. The Dynamic and Follicular Phase on the Waxing Moon, Spring Season

Like a seedling bursting forth through the earth, the Waxing Crescent phase is a time of breakthrough. Tap into your fresh, rejuvenated energy to declare your intentions, gather information and build on your ideas. From the big picture down to the smallest details, use this time to think through your strategy and fortify your plans against the ups and downs of your journey ahead. Observe how expansive your energy feels during this time and tune into where it is leading you. The Expressive and Ovulation Phase on the Full Moon, Summer Season

This time of the month is when energy is amplified and at its peak. Emotions may run high and you may feel extra stimulated and overwhelmed around the Full Moon. Which is why it’s important to pause and ground yourself during this time so you may better channel that expressive energy to manifest your goals. The Moon is at its brightest, thus illuminating your path forward. Your intuition is also especially strong during this time; trust it and allow your perspective to shift. Metaphorically speaking, the flower has become a fruit. The Creative and Luteal Phase on the Waning Moon, Autumn Season

Where the waxing moon represents action, giving and doing, the waning moon represents releasing, undoing and receiving. In this way, the Waning Gibbous moon is like the harvest, and you will truly reap what you sow. Now is the time to put your energy outward, for the benefit of those you choose to serve. When you have achieved the beautiful things you set out to do, you will find yourself naturally winding down to rest. The Waning Moon is a gentle reminder that you don’t have to be whole to shine.

The circle is a sacred space, a portal, a symbol of fertility. We would love to have you join us, connecting over Womb Tea and supporting other women.

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Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA


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