What are Crystals?

Crystals can be a useful tool for a myriad of different purposes, from manifesting your desires to attracting love, promoting luck, maintaining good health, ensuring protection, and even expunging negativity. With a little exploration, you can easily;

1) find a crystal that suits your needs

2) access the potential they have to change your life


Have you ever wondered why quartz crystals are used in watches, computers and many other modern electronics? This is because the atomic structure of a crystal is so profound that it allows the crystal to maintain a precise frequency standard, which helps, for example, to stabilise frequencies for radio transmitters and receivers, or for amplification in loudspeakers. Since all of physical reality is made up of vibrational frequency, including your thoughts, it would then be theoretically possible to transmit, retain and amplify them with a crystal of your choosing. 

This process of programming a crystal is a vital step in using it to achieve your purposes. But before this can be done, there needs to be some preparation beforehand. 


The structure, chemical make up, colour, shape and place of origin will affect a crystal’s energy and its potential. Use your intuition to guide you towards the crystal that suits you best. Trust us, you might not want to use a black crystal to attract your soulmate. Here at HOA, we have books on crystals that you could consult. Feel free to browse anytime! 

Once you’ve met the right one, the first step to working with a crystal is to cleanse it. This is because they are, like us, energetic beings and they can also be affected by their surroundings. People, emotions, sounds, radiation, toxins and temperature all affects a crystal’s energetic balance. Cleansing a crystal rebalances it, and the best way to do so is to take it back to nature. However, it is important to pick a natural element that is energetically compatible with your crystal. Some elements might even be potentially detrimental to your crystal, for example, water can degrade Selenite, so it’s not advisable to cleanse them with water. 

There are 6 main ways to cleanse your crystals: 

Earth - Ideally bury crystals that harmonise with earth in the ground, or put them in a container of salt, the purest form of earth. Earth is the element of strength, solidarity and comfort. Crystals that harmonise with earth may provide grounding, protection or healthy growth in your life. 

Water - Cleanse your crystal in a natural source of water, like a river, the sea or even a rainstorm. Water is the element of emotions, intuition and love. Crystals that harmonise with water will help you balance your emotions, or draw love into your life. 

Fire - To cleanse a crystal with fire, you can place it near a bonfire or carefully pass it through a candle flame, visualising unwanted energies burning away. Fire is the element of energy, action and transformation. Crystals that harmonise with fire will bring you renewed energy and passion. 

Air - Leave your crystal outdoors where the wind can blow across it, carrying away unhelpful energies. Another way to cleanse with air is to smudge the crystal with sacred smoke. Air is the element of insight, intellect and freedom. Crystals that harmonise with air boost mental and intellectual pursuits and bring you fresh ideas. 

Sun - Leave your crystal out in the sun to cleanse it, making sure you take a few minutes to sit out in the sun too. The Sun is associated with masculine energy, which is active, projective, dominant and yang. Crystals that harmonise with the Sun will help you achieve goals, spark change and attain recognition. 

Moon - Cleanse crystals by leaving them out in the moonlight overnight, also making sure you spend some time basking in the moon’s glow that night too. The Moon is associated with feminine energy, which is restful, introspective, nurturing and yin. Crystals that harmonise with the moon helps you improve your intuition and explore the mysteries of the world. 

Once your crystal has been cleansed, it’s time to connect with it. Allow yourself to tune into its energy by spending some quiet moments with it. Since their vibration is different from ours, it may be hard to recognise at first. When you meditate with a crystal, you slow yourself down enough to “listen” to the crystal. Allow yourself to sense the energy or messages from the crystal to establish a connection. Once the crystal has spoken, it’s your turn. 

You are now finally ready to program your crystal! You should always communicate your intent as clearly as possible by choosing a few simple, specific words to share with your crystal. It also helps to visualise what you want to achieve. Do this with the crystal in your dominant hand, and imagine you’re storing that energy within the crystal. Seal it with a kiss, and you’re done! 

It’s important to note that you still have to do the legwork when it comes to working with crystals. Rose Quartz will not bring you love if you shun social situations, and similarly Pyrite will not bring you prosperity if you don’t work hard for it. As you change your thoughts and actions to mirror what you want, your crystals simply help to keep you on the right track, as well as affecting the energy around you to allow opportunities and guidance to arise at the right time. 


To fully tap into the potential of your crystals, you can integrate them in your daily life, or enhance their powers with other complementary crystals. The easiest way to do this is to wear them on yourself as jewellery or make a medicine bag by filling a small pouch with crystals and herbs to have with you at all times. You can even ingest the energy of your crystals by making an elixir by placing a crystal in water. Be careful with this as raw crystals can contain toxins or carcinogens like aluminium, copper, sulphur or asbestos while tumbled stones are often covered in lacquer or varnish that can leech into the water. Here at Ascend, we water our plants with a crystal elixir. That’s our secret to why they always look amazing! 

You can also boost the power by combining multiple crystals in a grid formation so they work together in harmony to manifest a particular goal. 

A space grid requires you to create a series of crystals around your home or desired space to create a web of energy of the programmed crystals. You can even combine Feng Shui with this practice for an even more effective practice. 

A power grid is a formation of crystals set up on an altar space or a special spot in a room, used to;

1) amplify the energy of the programmed crystal

2) focus energy for distance healing

3) collect and direct the intentions of a collective

A power grid usually has a power crystal in the middle, along with other items that symbolises or reinforces the intention of the grid, as well as a series of points surrounding the middle, which are usually clear quartz. Face these points inwards to attract energy, outwards to send energy, clockwise to raise energy, or anti-clockwise to diminish energy. You can also add other complementary crystals to support the intention. 

A personal grid can be created by a crystal healer and placed on problematic points on the body, or on each Chakra. This particular topic deserves a whole post on its own, so stay tuned next week for more