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House of Ascend provides bespoke ceremonial experiences that evoke spiritual awakenings and serve as a catalyst for self-transformation. Our journeys are curated with your individual needs in mind, so you can embark on a transformational experience that create lasting change. Join us today, and let us help you reach your highest potential.

Meet Suraya

Suraya Sam is the co-creator for House of Ascend, a concept born from her vision quest with Huachuma Ceremony alongside her family of Huachumeros in the Sacred Valley of Peru in 2017. She currently resides in Bergen, Norway and is a certified Educator, Trainer and Facilitator with over 14 years of experience in Yoga, Meditation, Pre-natal & Postpartum, Chakra Therapy, Pranayama, Gong Meditation, Gong Nidra and Aromatherapy.


Sound Ceremony

Experience a deeper level of meditation when you join our Sound Ceremony. The power of sound has been used for centuries to promote relaxation, healing and inner peace. Our co-creator Suraya is known to create a calming environment that will allow you to forget your worries and revel in the tranquility of the moment. Join us today and let the power of sound help transform your life.

*Currently collaborating with Tid for Yoga in Bergen

Mystical Experience

Our Entheogen Medicine retreat offers a unique opportunity for transformation and spiritual growth. Our experienced facilitators provide a safe and supportive environment for you to experience the healing powers of plant medicine. Our program includes a carefully crafted integration process to ensure that you leave feeling renewed and empowered.


Work with Suraya

If you want to learn how to consciously work with your Mind, Body, Heart and Womb space through breathwork, somatic movement, aromatherapy, sound therapy, entheogen medicine and rituals - to help expand what you believe is possible and unlock the hidden depths of your creative potential, not just for you but for humanity, then I invite you to join me on this journey.

Womb Circle

Womb healing is Ancestral healing. Womb healing ripples through generations in the past and the future through one’s physical lineage and celestial lineage…

The way to heal and restore your Yoni and Womb is to work with the Feminine Womb Space, the seven energy centres within the Yoni and Womb that support to activate the eighth Portal of the Cosmic Womb, restoring healing, balance and power within your Feminine centres.


Free Sound Meditation

Sound Meditation uses music and sound to clear the Mind and deepen meditation. This ancient practice is used by many cultures, religions and mystic traditions. Music is multi-dimensional, linking realms of the Brain and facilitating meditation independently of thought. It can ease anxiety and promote a sense of well being.

Suraya has crafted a few Sound Meditation recordings for Home Practice.

Free Workbook

Manifestation is the process of bringing the spiritual and material together to create a good life for yourself, your family, and your community. It begins with your best ideas for your life – your true desires and dreams, how you want life to be. All ideas are conceived in the infinite pregnant void, which we call Source, just a babies are conceived inside a mother’s womb.

If you could create anything, what would you create? Open your mind, free yourself of limitations, and open your heart to your own truth. The path of manifestation begins here, in a realm of pure possibilities.

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