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Tema  Guidet meditasjonssirkel


House of Ascend tilbyr en virtuell 4-ukers guidet meditasjonssirkel ledet av vår medskaper  Suraya Sam ,  8. - 29. januar,  lørdager  kl 10:00 - 11:00 cst. Fokuset er på Pranayama, TCM Akupressurpunkter, Meditasjon og Yoga Nidra forsterket med aromaterapi og plantemedisin for å dyrke en grunnleggende indre forståelse av dens rike medisin, enestående kapasiteter og alkymistiske muligheter for ditt sinn, kropp og sjel.

For å nyte den beste opplevelsen anbefaler vi å:

  • Finn et rolig sted i hjemmet ditt  sette opp ditt hellige rom  og  brenne litt røkelse.

  • Arbeid med dine favoritt essensielle oljer, massasjeoljer eller krystaller for å forbedre meditasjonen din.

  • Kok dette fantastiske  Plantemedisin  te av Anima Mundi for vår meditasjon.

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The Crone and Menstrual Phase on the New Moon, Winter Season


Day 1 - 7 // Signifying the beginning of the menstrual cycle, the New Moon is a time for introspection, to incubate ideas and release what no longer serves you. After all, it is the start of a fresh cycle, so how would you make full use of this opportunity? During this time, you may choose to meditate upon your sacred intentions so you may act with greater purpose. Like a seed being planted in the dark soil, consider this your time of germination.


Energy of the Winter Season

Stillness • Quiet • Inward • Peaceful • Rest • Relax • Slow • Cold • Retreat • Simmer • Restorative • Dreamy • Nourish • Rejuvenate • Pause


Cosy things to do

• Curl up with a good book or magazine

• Sip on a mug of rich, hot cocoa

• Use candlelight in your home (instead of artificial light)

• Make a wreath using foraged flora

• Invest in more blankets, throws & fluffy pillows for your home

• Wear clothes that feel soft and cocooning

• Daydream!


New Moon Ritual

The new moon mirrors the season of Winter. The moon is dark, and so the sky is black. This is the perfect time for a reset. It symbolises wiping the slate clean, embarking on new beginnings, and planting new seeds of intention.

Bath Ritual

• A bathtub/hot tub filled with warm water

• A mix of bath salts, essential oils, flowers

• Candles

• A crystal of your choice

• A drink of your choice

• A soothing background bath playlist


Take a step back from the outside world. Surrender to the moment. Sit in the stillness and serenity of the New Moon. While you're here, set some intentions for this New Moon cycle. Where do you want to focus your energy? What would you like to do, see, create, or experience? After your bath ritual, reflect and journal on anything that came up for you & write your intentions down. Go a step further and visualise your world as though all your intentions have already manifested. How do you feel? What are you doing? Paint the picture with your imagination.

The Bleeding Phase is a time for solitude, retreating, and self-care.

• Conserve your energy

Slow down, retreat inwards, and conserve your energy as much as possible. You may find you need more rest than usual—always give your body what it needs.


Create Space
This is not a time for planning big social gatherings or going out. Schedule plenty of alone time. Enjoy small windows of quiet and solitude.


• Journal & Reflect

Your intuition is at its strongest right now—the perfect time to connect with yourself. Reflect on the past month, and set new intentions for the coming cycle.


• Take care of yourself

Put together a healthy dinner. Curl up with a nourishing book before bed. Have a DIY spa evening at home. Do some gentle exercise.

Working with the Crone

The Crone (or Wise Woman) feels a need to slow down, physically and mentally. She becomes introspective and sometimes more sensitive. She is deeply connected to the other world and the divine. She offers us intuition and wisdom to guide us into the next phase or chapter of our lives, allowing us to elevate and evolve.

• Rest on the first day or two of menstruation (if you bleed)

• Journal & reflect on what you’ve learned over the past cycle and beyond

 Work on strengthening your intuition (through meditation, oracle readings, and channeling your personal guides)

 Give yourself plenty of time to retreat

 Let go (physically, mentally & energetically)

 Practice self-love (and learn to love any physical signs of aging)

 Share your wisdom with your wider community

Journal Inquiries

 What do I wish to let go of?

 What is holding me back or no longer serving me?

 Does anything need releasing?

 What feels out of balance?

 How can I show myself more love and care?

 What’s on my mind right now?

 How am I feeling?

 What is my intuition trying to communicate to me?

 What new experiences would I love to have?

 Where do I want to channel my energy and resources this moon cycle?


The Maiden and Follicular Phase on the Waxing Moon, Spring Season

Day 7 - 14 // Like a seedling bursting forth through the earth, the Waxing Crescent phase is a time of breakthrough. Tap into your fresh, rejuvenated energy to declare your intentions, gather information and build on your ideas. From the big picture down to the smallest details, use this time to think through your strategy and fortify your plans against the ups and downs of your journey ahead. Observe how expansive your energy feels during this time and tune into where it is leading you.

Energy of the Spring Season

Waking up • First bloom • New life • Rising energy • Rebirth • Hope • Possibility • Youth • Optimism • Stretch

Hopeful things to do

• Spring clean: clear out any clutter or items that no longer bring you joy

• Go and feed the ducks at your local lake (and look out for ducklings!)

• Make a dandelion wish

• Pick some wildflowers and make your own

• DIY spring bouquet

• Plant your own herbs

• Shop local farmer's markets for seasonal fruit & veg (apricots, artichokes, asparagus, parsley, peas, radishes & rhubarb)


Waxing Moon Ritual

During the Waxing Moon phase, the moon will grow larger in the sky, symbolising a move of her energy inward to outward. This phase comprises three separate moon phases: Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, and the Waxing Gibbous Moon. But to keep things simple, we sometimes collectively refer to these phases as the waxing phase. Now is the time to spring into action, put in the work, and take real, practical steps towards the intentions you set on the new moon.

Clarity Ritual

• An oracle or tarot deck

• A journal or some paper

• A pen

• Some sage, palo santo, a diffuser, or cleansing spray


Cleanse your space. Grab your favourite oracle deck, and find a place of stillness.


Think about the current challenges you’re facing, any hurdles you’re stuck at, and any questions you seek answers to. Shuffle your deck, and fan out the cards in front of you. As you think of one question at a time, hover your hand over the cards until you feel a pull towards one. Turn over the card, and allow yourself to muse on what it might be communicating to you.


Journal any messages, ideas, or solutions that come to you.

The Follicular Phase begins the day after your final day of bleeding. You're coming out of hibernation, stretching your legs, and venturing out into the world once more to explore and enjoy new adventures. Everything feels a little brighter and warmer. Spring has sprung!

• Cleanse

Get rid of anything (physically and emotionally) that is no longer serving you, so you can make space for the new.

• Plan

Be intentional and organised with your time and energy.

• Connect to your intentions

Reconnect to your goals and big vision, and begin taking small steps to work towards them.

• New Beginnings

Now is the perfect time to start new projects or ventures.

• Make time for Creativity

Your creative energy is high during this phase— there's no better time to let your inner artist play.

Working with the Maiden

The Maiden (also known as the Virgin) is young at heart, full of optimism, energy, and has a carefree nature. She embodies independence, strength, and confidence. She stands firmly, rooted in her own power. She can magnetise all she desires towards her with ease—people, opportunities, and resources. Sex is new and exciting for her, filling this phase full of romance, pleasure, and joy. A woman embodying the Maiden archetype will sparkle. 

• Set personal boundaries

• Be assertive (ask for what you want, calmly but firmly)

• Make plans and be social

• Surround yourself with inspiring messages, people & vibrations

• Invest in self-development and growth

• Discover your unique gifts

• Celebrate other women's success & strength

• Join a group or cause, or get involved in your local community

• Dress in ways that make you feel powerful and active

• Remember to pause and take a breath

Journal Enquiries

• What challenges and obstacles am I facing?

• What support do I need to help me during this time?

• Where am I channeling my energy, and is this serving me?

• What are my personal boundaries?

• Am I communicating these in my relationships?

• Am I asking for what I want?

• What makes me feel inspired (people, places, books, music, movies, etc.)?

• What does creativity mean to me?

• What are my unique gifts, skills & strengths?

• How can I use these more in my life?


The Mother and Ovulation Phase on the Full Moon, Summer Season

Day 14 - 21 // This time of the month is when energy is amplified and at its peak. Emotions may run high and you may feel extra stimulated and overwhelmed around the Full Moon. Which is why it’s important to pause and ground yourself during this time so you may better channel that expressive energy to manifest your goals. The Moon is at its brightest, thus illuminating your path forward. Your intuition is also especially strong during this time; trust it and allow your perspective to shift. Metaphorically speaking, the flower has become a fruit. 

Energy of the Summer Season

High energy • Full bloom • Awake • Alive • Vibrant • Play • Active • Bold • Expansion • Climax • Wealth • Manifest • Abundance • Celebration

Vibrant things to do

• Go strawberry picking

• Attend an outdoor festival

• Have a picnic

• Take a road trip or vacation

• Go to the beach

• Head to a drive-in movie

• Sleep under the stars

• Watch the sunset

• Spend an entire day barefoot

• Eat ice cream

• Go surfing

• Run through water sprinklers or fountains!


Full Moon Ritual

The Full Moon is a time of completion, celebration, and expansion. It is also the harvest time, a time for reaping what you’ve sown since the beginning of the cycle. In essence, a full moon is nourishing. There is a contrast of light illuminating the darkness and our shadows. We are asked to meet and face anything lurking in the dark within us and our greater collective.

Affirmation Ritual

• A candle

• A lighter

• Access to outdoors


Begin by creating an empowering affirmation for yourself.


Once you’ve chosen your affirmation, you’re ready. On the night of the full moon, gather your tools, head outside, and find a comfortable place to sit.


Light your candle to open your ritual. Repeat your power affirmation to yourself (out loud or in your mind) ten times. Look up to the moon as you do this and allow her light to amplify the energy of your words.


Spend as much time as you like here moon bathing. When you’re ready to close your full moon ritual, blow out the candle.

The Ovulation Phase is the shortest menstrual cycle phase and lasts between two to three days. You're likely to feel brighter, bolder, more confident, and even competitive during the ovulatory phase. Think about whatever makes you feel most alive and expansive, and spend time doing more of it.

• Be bold & daring

Say yes to things you might usually turn down out of fear or discomfort.

• Go outside

Get outdoors, meet friends, date, party, network, and enjoy plenty of physical activity. This phase is all about communication and connection.

• Connect to your intentions

Reconnect to your goals and big vision, and begin taking small steps to work towards them.

• Play

Make play and fun a priority during this time. Laugh until your belly aches, do something you loved as a child, plan road trips or weekends away, break the rules, be silly, and have fun!

• Explore your sensuality

Pick out a new perfume and wear it every day, dress in clothes that are silky soft (like a satin robe), indulge in self-pleasure sessions, treat yourself to some sexy lingerie (just for you).

Working with the Mother

The Mother embodies creativity, nurturing (of the self and others), and attention. The Mother learns to nurture but not control. She supports and gives when needed for care and growth and takes a step back to allow separation and freedom. This is what creation is really about; co-creating something with the Divine that is one day able to sustain itself without your presence. She is also deeply connected to the earth and all of life—plants, animals, and the elements. She believes that when we nurture and care for ourselves and replenish our well, we fill Mother Earth's cup.

• Make time for your dreams and desires

• Practice self-care

• Be in nature

• Decide what you want to prioritise in your life, and simplify things

• Say no so you can say yes to what truly desire

• Integrate into community

• Weave tradition and ceremony into your life

• Wear clothes that feel cozy, free and comfortable

Journal Enquiries

• What needs to be released?

• What needs to be illuminated?

• Are there shadows lurking below that need to come to light?

• What archetype/Goddess would I like to embody the energy of?

• What am I celebrating this moon?

• What affirmations would support me most right now?

• What do I feel called to say no to?

• What would I love to say yes to?

• How can I weave tradition into my life?

• How can I pour back into my own cup?


The Wild Woman and Luteal Phase on the Waning Moon

Day 21 - 28 // Where the waxing moon represents action, giving and doing, the waning moon represents releasing, undoing and receiving. In this way, the Waning Gibbous moon is like the harvest, and you will truly reap what you sow. Now is the time to put your energy outward, for the benefit of those you choose to serve. When you have achieved the beautiful things you set out to do, you will find yourself naturally winding down to rest. The Waning Moon is a gentle reminder that you don’t have to be whole to shine. 

Energy of the Autumn Season

Harvest • Nourish • Taking stock • Returning inward • Slowing down • Preparing for winter • Fading energy • Death • Closing the chapter • Completion

Nourishing things to do

• Take a walk and admire the golden colours of the trees

• Roast chestnuts

• Make a pumpkin spice latte

• Collect the most beautiful leaves you can find

• Eat a fresh ear of corn

• Bake a seasonal pie

• Go apple picking at a local orchard

• Visit a pumpkin patch

• Cook a celebratory feast and chow down with your loved ones

• Invest in a great pair of winter boots

• Enjoy a bowl of homemade soup


Waning Moon Ritual

As the moon's light begins to wane, our energy is drawn inwards again. Think about new, supportive habits you can call in. Changes (little or large) that will serve the woman you strive to be. Slow down and make time for self-care—this will help you progress with your goals and intentions and give you much-needed space for reflection

Self-Care Ritual

• A list of self-care ideas to choose from $5-$20 (this is optional)

• Some sage, palo santo, a diffuser, or cleansing spray

• A journal & pen

• A candle


Choose your act of self-care before you get started, and make sure you have everything you need.


Carve out space in your schedule for this ritual where you won’t be disturbed or interrupted.


Cleanse your space and light a candle. Enjoy taking time to pour back into your own well and show yourself love. If we don’t do this, our energy will quickly deplete, turning into exhaustion. Remember, it is not selfish to prioritise and honour your own needs.


When you’re done, journal on what you did and how you feel.

The Luteal Phase is one of the main reasons many women suffer so badly with PMS during this phase is that we don't honour this part of our cycle. After all, we're actively discouraged from doing so. We're taught to go go go, and so we try to keep going and doing more more more. But our bodies are not made to keep going like this.

• Start to slow down

Slow the pace of your life down and create room in your schedule for you-time.

• Complete projects

Complete anything that needs your attention before the menstruation phase begins again: work projects, chores, to-do lists. Remember, you cannot do it all, so choose wisely.

• Make time for Self-care

Make time for self-care, especially during the week before your period. Nourish yourself with healthy food, enjoy gentle exercises like yin yoga, walking or swimming, and take more rest.

• Meet your Shadows

During the luteal phase, we blow out the candle and step into our shadows. Honor all that you're feeling during this time. Don't repress or hide or judge anything that arises. Step into the darkness, and confront it, because this is how you begin to heal.

Working with the Wild Woman

Wild Woman (also known as Medicine Woman, the Enchantress, or the Witch) is often the most repressed and shamed archetype of all because this is the phase when we typically experience PMS. But she is arguably the archetype we need to embrace most as women to reclaim the power of our cycle. Her wildness is what we fear because we've been tamed for too long. Her wildness is the strength we need to embrace, love, and accept all of ourselves

• Allow all your feelings, and value them— because each one is a teacher

• Engage in shadow work

• Journey to the edge of the woman you believe you are and keep exploring your depths

• Make space for creativity

• Support yourself, and reach out when you need extra help

• Spend time alone, and reflect

• Create a sacred space or altar in your home to ground and center yourself

• Unplug

• Practice acceptance & forgiveness (of the self and of others)

• Nourish your mind, body & soul

Journal Enquiries

• How am I really feeling?

• Why am I feeling this way?

• Who or what is triggering me?

• What is lingering in the shadows that needs to be illuminated?

• What are my current struggles and challenges?

• How do I judge myself?

• What do I not love about myself, and why?

• Are there common things I complain about?

• What do I feel called to complete before the new moon cycle begins?

• What wisdom is trying to come through me?

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