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man. 10. juni


The Alexcier - Level 07-12, Groundbox

A Journey into the Feminine Womb Space


Tid og sted

10. juni 2024, 18:30 – 21:30 GMT+8

The Alexcier - Level 07-12, Groundbox, 237 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159929

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As women, the Feminine Womb Space we hold within us is a vast, liminal, and energetic space that can be accessed within the core of our being. The Feminine Womb Space, when activated, serves as a portal to the remembrance of our most primordial, radiant, and magnetic feminine self. The awakening of the Womb also invites us to birth our Shakti life force energy into the World.

Journeying through the 'Feminine Womb Space' are portals that take you deep into the realms of your Feminine essence, supporting you to heal and release deep wounding and blockages from your Yoni and Womb space so that you expand into your fullest creative and divine Feminine potential.

Gate 1: The Maiden

Gate 2: The Mother

Gate 3: The Crone

Gate 4: Earth

Gate 5: Fire

Gate 6: Air

Gate 7: Water

Gate 8: Cosmic Womb

This 3-hour ceremonial experience is led by Suraya and she weaves her signature rituals and practices with Womb Tea, Somatic Lunar Yoga, Aromatherapy, Breathwork, Womb Meditation and Sound Therapy.

A light vegetarian meal will be served for integration.


  • The Feminine Womb Space

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