Women's Circle

We are a direct reflection of the Universe itself. Our wombs, like the centre of the Universe, are the ultimate source of Creation and Evolution. They connect us back to the natural world and are a gateway to the infinite. We are creators with a purpose to create, and there are unique and optimum times within us to do so.


Just like the moon, our menstrual cycles have their own phases which we can utilise to our advantage. Join our co-creator Suraya as she shares with you a 4-week journey on The Phases of our Menstrual Cycles & The Moon over Womb Tea, Womb Meditation, Sound Bath and Journaling. 

* Kindly note that our monthly Women's Circle typically falls according to the monthly Moon Phases. We begin each phase with the New Moon and end on the Waning Moon.

The Four simplified phases within our 28 cycle;

  • July 29th
    The Reflective and Menstrual Phase on the New Moon, Winter Season

  • August 5th
    The Dynamic and Follicular Phase on the Waxing Moon, Spring Season

  • August 12th
    The Expressive and Ovulation Phase on the Full Moon, Summer Season

  • August 19th
    The Creative and Luteal Phase on the Waning Moon, Autumn Season

You are invited to attend all Four circles which you can purchase our 8 pack and share with 1 other person or do a single drop in per week;

  • Student price, 190kr per circle

  • Adult price, 290kr per circle