House of Ascend presents "Awakening Your Inner Teacher", a virtual 10-hour intensive on creating a meditation practice, under the guidance of our co-creator, Suraya Sam. Done over the course of one weekend, this intensive creates the foundation for you to cultivate a mindful practice as you connect with your inner teacher.


Meditation helps to bring about harmony in the body, peace of mind, and connection with the Self. A meditation practice requires a lot of time, discipline and patience, but it is ultimately rewarding. Some of the benefits of a regular meditation practice include promoting relaxation, easing fear and anxiety and bringing clarity of mind.

You will learn:

  • Breath-work as a foundation to your meditation practice, to help you release attachment to mental clutter and ground into the present moment.

  • Postures that will most benefit each participant, regardless if you have never meditated before, or if you already have years of practice.

  • Mantras to support mental clarity.

  • Mudras that can enhance your meditation experience through the regulation of energy throughout your physical body.

  • Koshas, Vayus, and the Chakra system and learn their role in establishing greater harmony in the body, mind and spirit.

  • Writing your own meditation script using the above elements.

Upon conclusion, participants will receive a Yoga Alliance continuing education certificate of completion for 10 hours.

Regardless of your past experience, merely showing up for yourself is an important step towards understanding your inner landscape - a vital practice in an increasingly disconnected world. HOA invites you to take this step with our weekend intensive.  


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10-hour Awakening Your Inner Teacher Intensive




09:00 - Introduction

09:30 - Meditation

10:00 - Lecture & Discussion

12:00 - Light Lunch

12:30 - Meditation

13:00 - Lecture & Discussion

14:00 - End


09:00 - Meditation

09:30 - Lecture & Discussion

12:00 - Light Lunch

12:30 - Meditation

13:00 - Lecture & Discussion

14:00 - Closing


"This course literally awaken the inner teacher in me. From this course, I learn to tap into the inner wisdom that I already have through meditation. Many of the methods and teachings from Sue are simple, yet profound and powerful. This is a lifetime skill that EVERYONE should acquire. BIG THANK YOU SUE!" - Meerly

"Sue is an amazing facilitator. Her way of instructing the course is very structured which makes it easy to follow and understand how the different elements build upon each other and connect. The course is also very practical - we experience a method/concept, then Sue explains it. The course culminates with a weekly "meditation plan" to ensure application follows the intensive... which is so critical to create new habits and keep the practice on. I also loved that we were a very intimate group, so we got to know each other better, share, ask questions, and feel comfortable to share our experiences. Sue is such an authentic teacher, sharing about her own journey and experience. Thank you for making space for us. Sat Nam" - Laura

"I recommend that you commit fully to this intensive if you choose to do it. The content is broad, insightful and detailed, the guided meditations are some of the most beautiful I have experienced. At the end of ten hours I was excited and slightly overwhelmed: I had so much new knowledge I didn't know where to start. I have taken my simple practice and dived deep beneath the surface to understand some of its inner workings and theory. It's given me the confidence to grow further and guide others, to the point where I have been doing guided meditations for groups of up to 100 in the workplace. This intensive really is a gift to yourself: make the time, you deserve it." - James

"The topics that I find most relevant and interesting are firstly, the incorporation of essential oils to the practice and understanding the effect of aromas to emotions and therefore in enhancing the practice. I love essential oils and it was great to see how I could do this and understand the ‘why’ as well. Secondly, the knowledge on chakras and energies related to it with key things related postures particularly the why and how on keeping the spine straight. The guidebook is great as a reference document and it’s segmented topically into each element. Lastly, the guide’s (Suraya's) deep experience and passion as well as strong articulation in this subject/area was also a key takeaway." - Anushkar


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