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Why should we power Nap?

A power nap is a short daytime sleep that terminates before the deep sleep state sets in. It has the ability to revitalise the sleeper and treat sleep deprivation, even if the nap lasts as short as 15 or 20 minutes. You will reset the system, feel more alert and experience improved motor function. 

The length of the nap and the type of sleep you get determines the brain-boosting benefits. Research has shown that a 20-minute power nap (sometimes called the stage 2 nap) is good for alertness and motor learning skills like playing the drums or competing in a sport. Longer naps, on the other hand, boost memory and enhance creativity. Slow-wave sleep - which is napping for approximately 30-60 minutes - significantly affects decision making skills, such as recalling directions and memorizing vocabulary. Rapid eye movement or REM sleep - between 60-90 minutes of sleeping - plays an important role in making new connections in the brain and boosting creative problem-solving skills. 

It might be tempting to reach for that coffee mug, but there’s plenty of reasons why caffeine might work against you. It can decrease memory performance, and make you feel jittery or anxious, causing you to be prone to making mistakes. Overdependence on caffeine may also raise blood pressure, increase risk of heart attacks, cause incontinence, insomnia, indigestion and many more. Clearly, taking a nap is far superior. 

Napping regularly can reduce stress, boost the immune system and even decrease your risk of heart disease. Here are some tips to get the most out of your power naps;


Keep your naps regular and around the same time each day. If possible, keep them also around the same lengths. 


Nap in a dark room or wear an eye mask to block out the light and help you fall asleep faster. 


Remember to have a blanket warmly around you, because your core body temperature dips when you sleep. 


Listening to binaural beats can quickly entrain your brainwaves to a much more relaxed state. We recommend booking a mat for our lunch time Gong Meditation session for a quick pick-me-up. You will surely notice a boost in productivity when you step back into the office! 

Reserve a mat for Gong Meditation for a much needed Power nap!

Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA


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