Why do we need Gong Meditation?

In our previous blogs, we’ve touched upon the benefits of sound therapy and how it works, and we’ve been briefly introduced to the effects of frequency. We’ve also learnt that Gong Meditation is beneficial to restore the physical body’s natural frequency, as a starting point to address a host of many different ailments. However, we have yet to address the factors we might come in contact with in our daily lives that negatively affect our natural frequency. Such factors may be subtle, and we may not even recognise how they are making us feel unsettled, uneasy - and can even make us physically sick! Essentially, these are some of the basic, lesser known reasons why we need Gong Meditation to sort us out. 

Negative emotions 

An inability to deal with negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, melancholy and resentment may compound in mental blockages that mess with our natural frequency. These emotions may throw the corresponding chakras off balance when they are not processed properly, thus lowering our vibration. They may even manifest in chronic physical illnesses! Gong Meditation helps us journey inward to understand the root of these emotions. We then consciously choose to release them safely, to create space for healing. 


Our natural frequency is severely affected when we lose our connection with nature - and to a further extent, with our selves. This happens when we are too wrapped up in our pursuit of efficiency, productivity and money, that we forget what makes us human. Our leisure time might be spent distracted or mindlessly consuming needless material goods or media - TV shows, music and movies - with questionable values. We lose our sense of self to a fast paced and busy lifestyle that doesn’t nourish us. We need to remember to take the time to ground ourselves by getting in touch with nature, but living in a concrete jungle often makes this difficult. Alternatively, regular sessions of Gong Meditation will help us recalibrate and spend some moments journeying inwards to reconnect with the self - and the universe within. 


Ever noticed that after the third cup of coffee your heart starts beating faster and your hands feel a little shaky? Have you ever felt the urge to run around like a hyperactive kid after eating a plate of dessert? Does having an alcoholic drink or two set you off on an emotional roller coaster ride? These are signs that you are overstimulated. When this happens, the body reacts by releasing stress hormones. This perpetuates a vicious cycle because it’s likely the reason you are craving or indulging in such stimulants is because you’re already stressed. Regular Gong Meditation sessions will help keep the stress at bay and help you manage unhealthy consumption habits, for an overall healthy mind and body. 

Poor diet 

Of course this goes without saying, a poor diet will lead to poor health. This is especially true for processed foods and fast food; they will make you sick! Some belief systems also purport that the consumption of animal flesh lowers our vibration, while some cultures believe that consuming certain creatures will make us absorb the vibration or characteristics of that particular animal. While this belief is entirely up to personal discretion, we should definitely be more mindful of the food we put in our body. A regular Gong Meditation session will elevate our body awareness as it sheds light on which parts of our body needs more attention and this would hopefully motivate us to make better decisions about our food and overall health. 

Environmental pollutants

Living in the city exposes us to environmental factors such as noise pollution and light pollution that can destabilise us and affect our natural frequency. Loud and aggressive noises from traffic or construction activity can be jarring to our ears and make us feel unsettled, whereas continued exposure to unnatural light at night can affect our circadian rhythm. As a result we feel restless and unable to sleep, which may lead to a various health conditions and illnesses. The sound of the Gong is able to settle this unease for a regular good night’s sleep, leading to a more balanced mind and body. 

Other people 

Believe it or not, other people can seriously mess with your natural frequency! As human beings, we are constantly giving and absorbing energies to and from each other, even if we’re aware of it or not. Being around people with unresolved issues and traumas may affect our own energy fields and lower our vibration if we’re not careful. This is why we may feel exhausted after a day of socialising, or from being in a crowd. It is always advisable to spend some alone time to recalibrate and restore our energy fields. Treating ourself to Gong Meditation allows us to recharge our energy, so that we would be better equipped to deal with the  necessities of the external world. 

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