Why are rituals important on the Full Moon?

Here at HOA, we love our Lunar rituals... and so do our guests! Our long running Full Moon Practice is a crowd favourite, and has been a great help in releasing physical, emotional or mental blockages and shedding things that no longer serve us, under the illuminating light of the Moon. Meanwhile, our New Moon Practice is a time for deep introspection, and catalysing change by manifesting our most cherished desires. But have you ever wondered why we have these rituals to coincide with specific Moon phases? 

To answer this question, we have to first examine the purpose of ritual. A ritual is simply to engage in an act made sacred, imbued with intention, and supported by symbolism. With ritual, we call forth hidden power from our higher Self to make things happen. A key component of ritual is belief. 

Believe it or not, everything we do is ritual! Take our daily routine, for example, which may consist of steps such as brushing our teeth, getting dressed for work, and breakfast with the family. All of this constitute a ritual, which purpose is to materialise or maintain the things we value; in this case, looking presentable to keep a job to raise a family. The rituals we do under the watchful eye of the Sun is concerned with our external world, and relate to our material life. This connection is even more obvious when we lead lives that are aligned with nature. Our sowing and harvest practices (also rituals!) coincide with the Sun’s phases over the course of the year, and as we all know, these rituals are linked to our food security and survival. 

On the other hand, the Moon governs our inner world, our Spiritual life and is concerned with metaphysical aspects of our Self. We see that the Moon is at a different phase of its cycle each night and from this we can draw inspiration for quick transformative action within ourselves. We also assign symbolic meaning to the Moon phases which supports the purpose of our ritual. The New Moon phase is when the Moon is not visible from Earth; the total darkness of the night sky can inspire us to examine our shadow self, to spend a night of introspection, and then plant the seeds of change to manifest and grow with the phases of the Moon. The New Moon reminds us that the light will always come back, and therefore is a time for hope. The Full Moon shines its light into the corners of our Soul, for us to see where more attention and care can be given. We reconnect with ourselves, and clear blockages within and make space for new possibilities to happen. 

If these rituals resonate with you, join us for our New Moon and Full Moon Practice every month! This month, we will hold our first Full Moon Sleepscape this new year for a special cosmic phenomenon: the Super Blood Moon! This six hour session augments yoga, aromatherapy, and sound therapy to take you into a deep slumber. Come align your Chakras, drink organic Peruvian cacao tea, practice meditation and immerse in the sound of both ancient and modern musical instruments - Didgeridoo, Paiste Gongs, Crystal bowls and Handpans. 

View the full itinerary below: 

January 19th

22:00 Movie Night (optional)

January 20th

01:00 Cacao tea reception 

01:15 Aroma Yin

01:45 Chakra cleanse

02:00 Full Moon Sleepscape

06:00 Sunrise Flow

07:00 Breakfast

Come experience magic! Limited spots only! Rsvp today

PS. If you are arriving early, you are welcome to join us for movie night prior to Full Moon Sleepscape. We recommend that you bring along your silk pyjamas for this special event. We will be serving popcorn for movie night, Peruvian teas, ginger cookies and light breakfast.