What is Yin Yang?

In ancient Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang represents the concept of dualism, which may seem to describe opposite or contrary forces, but in reality actually symbolise complementary, interconnected and interdependent elements in the natural world. 

When people see things as beautiful,

ugliness is created.

When people see things as good,

evil is created.

Being and non-being produce each other.

Difficult and easy complement each other.

Long and short define each other.

High and low oppose each other.

Fore and aft follow each other.

- Lao Tzu  

The celestial bodies are also symbolic of Yin and Yang. The Sun corresponds to our yang (masculine) side, which rules our conscious mind, whereas the Moon — yin (feminine) side — is linked to our subconscious. We all have masculine and feminine energy in our energy bodies. The masculine and feminine energy has nothing to do with gender, and both male and female can tap into both essences.

Masculine energy is stable and more predictable. His strengths are willpower, clarity, and focus. Masculine energy manifests through logic and rules, so it knows how to apply the wisdom correctly. He knows that to achieve C, he needs to go from point A to point B first. Masculine energy is empowered by knowledge. 

On the other hand, Feminine energy is dynamic and fluid. Her strength lies in her ability to embody the frequency of what she desires. Feminine energy also recognises when it’s time to let go of the old to make space for something new, thus living in accordance with the natural rhythms of death and rebirth. Feminine energy is empowered by self-knowing. 

When starting a new project, be it personal or professional, we can definitely benefit from tapping into both essences. Feminine energy encourages us to follow our heart, to pour in our soul purpose into our work. Masculine energy on the other hand provides the structure through which we can implement our ideas. Tapping into our masculine energy enables us to problem-solve effectively, while feminine energy ensures we remain sensitive of our needs and of others’. In the context of personal growth, Masculine energy informs us when we need to be assertive in pursuing our goals, while Feminine energy lends us the courage to surrender to the flow. 

As the Sun has entered the astrological sign of Gemini, it brings us a wonderful opportunity to meditate upon the concept of duality. What are the opposing forces that operate in our lives? Are we inclined to embrace one aspect but then reject its opposition? How can we better integrate seemingly conflicting aspects of the Self? 

However it isn't the symbol of the twins that we should meditate too heavily on; rather, it's the space between the twins that is significant. This space represents the interplay between opposing forces and encourages us to think about how we can reside in harmony within that space. 

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Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA