Week 5: The Bliss Body - Anandamaya Kosha

We have come to the last week March 2nd - 8th of the Kosha syllabus at HOA. Over the past 5 weeks we have learnt about the different layers that constitute our human system. Yogic tradition regards humans as multidimensional beings comprised of many layers that make up their unique individuality. When problems arise in a person, they usually show up on multiple levels and may not immediately present the root cause of the problem. By exploring each Kosha we can further make sense of our inner landscape, so healing and growth can take place.

Anandamaya Kosha, otherwise known as The Bliss Body, is the final layer we will explore in this syllabus. “Ananda” means Bliss or Happiness in Sanskrit. This deepest layer of our system is believed to be the core of our existence. It corresponds to our higher self or spirit, and is anchored to our heart center. Anandamaya can also be described as a state of wholeness, of integration with the moment and with ourself. The Bliss Body liberates us from suffering, and enables us to feel unconditional love for ourself and for others. We connect with this Kosha when we experience the freedom and passion of connecting with our True Will and higher purpose.

We can sometimes get a glimpse into The Bliss Body when we experience a sublime moment: for example, when we gaze into our lover’s eyes, when we hear the laughter of our children, or when we witness a spectacular sunset. In those moments, we find ourselves fully inhabiting the present, and are filled with divine love in our hearts. However, the Anandamaya Kosha encompasses not the feeling of Bliss, but rather the experience of Bliss. It is not merely a fleeting, momentary response, but a state of being that comes from living an embodied life aligning with our values. For those of us who have found our sacred calling - caregivers, educators, healers and so on - we can experience Bliss for longer periods as we step up to be of service to the community. When we operate from The Bliss Body, our consciousness expands beyond the limits of our physical body. The expression of our individual personality dissolves and we become a vessel for Divine Light to reach the world.

Deep down, we all know what truly makes us feel happy, purposeful and fulfilled, but that fulfilment may seem to us just out of reach for a myriad of different personal reasons. Connecting with The Bliss Body means overcoming those barriers and limiting factors to follow our heart. It requires a measure of courage to dismantle the fear that grips us at the core. In the words of author Steven Pressfield; 

“The opposite of fear is love - love of the challenge, love of the work, the pure joyous passion to take a shot at our dream and see if we can pull it off.”

The path to accessing our Bliss Body may not always be a comfortable or easy one. As we have learnt in this syllabus, accessing The Bliss Body would entail healing and working with the rest of the Koshas, since they are all interconnected and dependent on one another. If the body is tense, the breath is shallow and the mind is irritated, then wisdom and joy will be absent. If there is a disconnect from Spirit, indicating a weak Bliss Body, then there will be disharmony in all other layers.

With a practice of loving awareness, we can send compassion to the deepest parts of ourself, we can silence the judgment, doubt and anxiety that arises in our minds, in order to discover the true yearning of our soul. Journaling is a useful practice for frequent introspection, and can help us identify our biggest stumbling blocks and innermost desires. We can also practice listening to our body to figure out if something aligns with our higher purpose. Try this exercise: 

Simply begin in a meditative position with your eyes closed and hold the object or topic of your contemplation in your mind. Begin to tune into your body, and notice every sensation that starts to emerge. Notice if any part of your body starts to tense up when you consider a particular choice. When you’re about to make a decision that does not resonate with your higher self, you may feel a contraction in your chest or gut. On the other hand, a positive choice feels expansive, and puts the body at ease. You may feel a resounding yes in the gut, or even a tingle of excitement!

Join us at HOA for the final week of the Kosha syllabus to learn how to listen to your Heart and pave the way to your Bliss. Book your mat today!

March 2nd, 7pm - 9pm

Week 5: The Bliss Body, Anandamaya Kosha

We’re going to explore movement and meditation with one goal only: to become goal-less! The nature of your true self is spacious and open and free from desires and attachments. We’re going to slow down and wake up to awareness, and see for ourselves who we really are: nothing…and everything. This session is a Sound Journey to the Self...

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Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA