Week 4: Thyroid Gland, Metabolic + Emotional Rebalancing

Glandular Wellness: Your Secret Weapon

It is hard to believe we are on week 4 of our 5-week Unlock Your Vitality, Endocrine Rebalance syllabus, time is truly flying. This syllabus is a journey through the endocrine glandular system using breath-work, postures, aromatherapy and vibrational sound healing frequencies – from the crystal singing bowls and gongs – to bring us into total alignment.

Our endocrine glands are a network that produce chemical messengers, or hormones, and are responsible for vital processes such as our immunity, fertility, cognition, emotional states, vitality, youth and radiance and our spiritual ability to tap into higher dimensions. Very little is known about the glands in our modern world compared to the glandular knowledge of ancient cultures, but they are a secret weapon once we know how to activate and balance them.

This practice is designed to do just that. It is 90-minutes of space for you to dive into mindful recovery, strengthening your endocrine system and equipping you with restorative practices you can continue at home on your own.

Keeping Our Energetics In Check

Week 4 of our syllabus brings us to the Thyroid Gland, Metabolic + Emotional Rebalancing from October 10th – 17th.

The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland in front of the windpipe, or trachea, that sits at the base of the neck. It produces hormones that regulate our basal metabolic rate or speed at which we produce and burn energy from nutrients and oxygen. The thyroid gland also influences our gastrointestinal function, adrenal hormones, blood sugar levels, stomach acid production, brain chemistry fluctuations and liver detoxification. Which is why imbalances in thyroid hormones can cause a variety of physical and emotional dissonance well beyond the most commonly known symptom associated with the thyroid gland: weight gain. In fact, since the thyroid regulates metabolism, it indirectly impacts every single cell, tissue and organ in the entire body, including muscles, bones, skin, cartilage, heart, brain and our digestive system.

When one has a low metabolism, they tend to feel low energy, which also impacts their mood. They experience brain fog, physical fatigue and a loss of vitality which can be correlated with depression. There is a growing school of thought around “depression beginning in the neck.” Which makes sense. If one is feeling behind, unable to catch up, weak and exhausted, of course this would generate lower vibrational emotions.

Now, when one has a high metabolism, the opposite manifests. They feel jittery, on edge, unable to relax and are incredibly anxious. They can’t seem to find their neutral position or balance altogether.

But, what is the true source of this imbalance? And how can it be remedied?

The Bridge Between Our Inner and Outer Worlds

The thyroid gland is also the centre of our expression and voice of our authentic self – that true spirit that lies within us. As it is connected to the throat and speech, it is the bridge between our inner and outer worlds and a gateway between our mind and body. This expression and speech is both external and internal as it includes how we speak to ourselves – our self-dialogue.

The thyroid gland affects our confidence, creativity, ability to communicate clearly and to actively listen to others. Therefore, the thyroid is related to our ability to form and maintain relationships, to share values, thoughts and feelings. It is incredibly important to our sense of happiness and fulfilment.

The Mind-Body Connection

In the field of Mind-Body Medicine and Holistic Health Science, external symptoms are simply physical manifestations of what is happening on a deeper emotional and energetic level. The symptoms become visible and apparent in an effort to wake us up to the dissonance and bring our attention to the root cause – they are a cry for help. This same theory is applicable to thyroid gland disorders.

Thyroid hormonal imbalance is believed to be caused by self-doubt, shame, regret, blame, judgement (for self and others), negative self-talk, preoccupation with what the external world thinks about the individual, subconscious feelings of inadequacy and inability to express one’s truest authentic self. In essence, the mind attacks the body on such a regular basis that it, in turn, causes the body to begin attacking itself. The body is following the mind’s energetic patterning.

On a spiritual level, this brings us out of alignment with our soul purpose and reason for being on this planet – which leads to feeling depressed or anxious, unfulfilled and experiencing a void. The thyroid gland – being the incredibly sensitive gland it is – reacts to this overwhelming low vibrational energetic frequency inside the body and alchemises it into a physical hormonal imbalance.

Considering that thyroid disorders are a global health epidemic, with 5-10% of the population experiencing it at some point throughout their lifetime, this link with internal self-dialogue is a significant factor to consider during treatment. In fact, it brings attention to the fact that physical organs and glands are multi-dimensional, they have emotional and spiritual layers to their functions that are largely overlooked in the field of modern Western Medicine.

This is a topic we will dive into during this week’s class. We will get to the root of any blocks we are experiencing in our emotional balance or authentic expression at a base level to understand and release them. In turn, this will bring equilibrium to the thyroid gland, enhancing its ability to efficiently produce and manage our energy levels.

See you in class on Thursday!

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Written by Christina Michele Rios, Quantum Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls facilitator for HOA