Week 3: Thymus Gland, Immunity + Energetic Heart Connection

Optimising Your Glandular Health

It is already the third week of our Unlock Your Vitality, Endocrine Rebalance syllabus. This 5-week syllabus is dedicated to balancing the glandular system through breath-work, postures, aromatherapy and vibrational sound healing frequencies from the crystal bowls and gongs.

Your endocrine system consists of a network of glands that regulate important processes such as immunity, vitality, metabolism, growth, reproduction, cognition, emotions and your ability to ascend spiritually.

Each week, we highlight a different gland in class. The Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls, each tuned to a specific endocrine gland, will locate any gland that is out of rhythm to activate it, release stagnant energy and bring the body back to homeostasis.

This practice is designed to bring you to a state of emotional, physical, and spiritual vibrational harmony.

Boosting Immunity

For week-3, the spotlight is on the Thymus Gland, Immunity + Energetic Heart Connection from October 3rd – 9th.

The thymus gland is located in the chest, directly behind the sternum breastbone, in front of the heart and in between the lungs. It is directly responsible for our immunity, producing T-cells which destroy invader, infectious and cancerous cells. Simply put, the thymus gland fights off diseases and keeps us healthy.

By the time we are ten years old it peaks in size and around age 20, it begins to atrophy or decrease in size. Thymus involution is deeply debated in the scientific community and has been linked to accelerated aging, cancer, autoimmune conditions, inflammation and infectious diseases. Keeping the thymus gland active and clear is incredibly important to our well-being.

The Energetic Heart

The thymus is considered the window to the soul, our spiritual core. It is connected to the higher heart chakra and is the center for unconditional love, facilitating our spiritual growth and deep inner transformation. Activating the thymus gland enhances our ability to forgive, love and show compassion.

The thymus gland also stores fear, traumatic and painful memories, particularly those from childhood. When we feel fearful or tense, we often take a sharp inhalation in our lungs, which causes tightness in the centre of the chest – which is exactly where the thymus gland is. When our thymus is holding onto an excessive amount of painful memories, it may block us from getting in touch with our open ascended heart.

Sound healing is especially beneficial for healing the thymus gland, which is incredibly responsive to vibrational sound. The sternum, which lies just in front of the gland, operates as a soundboard, amplifying the acoustic vibrations throughout the whole body.

Our practice this week will focus on rejuvenating the thymus gland in order to enhance your immune system, provide space and observation for past painful events and facilitate the release of deeply embedded fears that may be trapped in the emotional and physical bodies. This creates space for us to practice self-compassion and enables self-forgiveness. The goal of this class is to integrate light with dark and to experience cathartic release, in turn stimulating our thymus: the energetic heart.

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Written by Christina Michele Rios, Quantum Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls facilitator for HOA