Week 2: Reproductive Glands, Creative Flow

Harmonising Your Glands

This week we continue onto the second week of our Unlock Your Vitality, Endocrine Rebalance 5-week syllabus.

This is a syllabus that deep dives into your endocrine system, a network of glands that regulate key functions such as immunity, metabolism, vitality, growth, reproduction, cognition, emotions and ability to access higher states of consciousness.

Class will feature a carefully-designed practice of breath-work, postures, aromatherapy and vibrational sound healing frequencies to activate a different gland each week, releasing stagnant energy and bringing balance to the entire system.

Created to Create

The second week of our syllabus brings us to the Reproductive Glands, Creative Flow from September 26th - 29th.

Reproductive glands vary in men and women. Ovaries are the female reproductive glands that produce sex hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Testes are the male reproductive glands that produce sex hormones such as testosterone.

Our sex hormones tell our bodies when it is time to go into puberty, they regulate our libido, manage sperm production and egg activity and play a significant role in our fertility. They are also responsible for our cognitive processes, emotions, moods, behaviours, body weight, energy levels, bone health and physical strength. When any of our sex hormones levels are slightly off, symptoms of physical and emotional dis-ease begin to appear that range in degree of severity.

In many cases of hormonal imbalance, the root cause is stress. Stress decreases our fertility and sex drive as it boosts levels of hormones that impair our reproduction abilities. When our bodies are in a state of great stress, processes that are not relevant to our immediate survival (such as reproduction) are deprioritised. Keeping stress levels balanced and finding healthy outlets for our stress are key to homeostasis of our reproductive glands.

Inside Out

In studies of Mind-Body Integrative Medicine and Holistic Health Science, there is a direct correlation between our life situations and symptomatic physical responses. Our physical bodily symptoms parallel what’s happening for us emotionally and energetically. In short, the internal world manifests itself externally, alerting us to a need to heal more deeply.

Our reproductive glands were made to create. Their imbalance signifies an underlying root cause: a feeling of suppression in our creative power. Lack of creativity is a source of stress that directly impacts our reproductive abilities.

Creativity can be expressed through procreation but it doesn’t stop there. When we paint, write, decorate, cook, garden, play an instrument or build something – we are creating. When we problem solve or think outside the box, we are creating. When we look at the world through our own individual lens – we are utilising our own authentic creative energy.

Tapping Into Creative Flow

“All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.” — Pablo Picasso.

We must learn to cultivate our Creative Flow. What is your personal gift? What is your unique signature? What makes you you? There are no two of us. There is only one of you. How will you leave your mark?

This is a class designed to empower you to access a state of meditative Creative Flow. This in turn, helps us remember our authentic selves. It enables us to embrace what we enjoyed doing as kids before the world left its imprint on us: enjoying a state of play. It’s time to restore harmony to your internal world.

The Reproductive Ritual

Through breath-work, aromatherapy, postures and sound healing meditation we will access a deeper state of healing that will facilitate your Creative Flow and Unlock Your Vitality.

As your reproductive glands work on a rhythmic energetic frequency, we will tune into them with vibrational sound from the Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls and Gongs, activating, clearing and balancing them. See you in class on Thursday!

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Written by Christina Michele Rios, Quantum Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls facilitator for HOA