Week 1: Adrenals, Stress Reset

Tuning Into Your Glands

This week we launch our latest 5-week syllabus: Unlock Your Vitality, Endocrine Rebalance. A practice designed to elevate you to a state of mental, physical and spiritual vibrational harmony.

The focus of this syllabus is your endocrine system, a network of glands that regulate vital functions such as immunity, metabolism, vitality, growth, reproduction, cognition, emotions and ability to access higher states of consciousness.

Each week we will focus on a different endocrine gland, utilising breath-work, postures, aromatherapy and vibrational sound healing frequencies to bring you into alignment. The Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls, each tuned to a specific endocrine gland, will locate any gland that is out of rhythm, activating it and releasing stagnant energy in order to achieve homeostasis.

From Burnout to Balance

The first week of our syllabus begins with Adrenals, Stress Reset from September 19th – 25th.

This is a practice designed to take you from burnout to balance, aiding stress recovery and empowering you to deal with stressful circumstances with less reaction and more inner peace.

Your adrenals are two triangular shaped glands that sit on top of each kidney. They produce hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline, that regulate your metabolism, immune system, blood pressure and response to stress.

Cortisol and adrenaline are beneficial in moderation as they give us necessary energy boosts upon waking and during emotionally or physically stressful situations – they empower us to spring into action with additional energy and resources.

When we are harmonious, our adrenals produce healthy levels of hormones at the right time, enabling us to better manage any stressors that come our way, ensuring we stay happy and healthy.

But when we are chronically stressed, we push our adrenals into overdrive, which can develop into excessively high or burnt out lower production levels of hormones. Enter emotional and physical imbalances which can manifest in symptoms such as fatigue, physical weakness, digestion issues, nausea, depression, anxiety, irritability, sugar and salt cravings, sleep disturbances, brain fog, inflammation, weight fluctuations and hair loss. Signs that we are in need of a hard reset.

In this day of digital hyper connectivity and burnout, an Adrenal Stress Reset seemed like a relevant starting point for week 1 of this syllabus. We are plugged in more than we are plugged out. We remember to recharge our devices daily and yet somehow recharging ourselves is deprioritised. When our body is denied that mindful downtime, it makes its unrest apparent through dis-ease.

Our stress may come from work, family, finances, responsibilities, seemingly endless to-do lists and circumstances outside our control. Most of these stressors aren’t going anywhere. What must change is our method for managing them and our reaction to them. Increasing our stamina and training our endurance is paramount. This requires a shift in our perspective.

Crises, chaos and stress are a test. Will you be reactive every time? Will you get caught up in the tornado swirling around you? Will you allow the chaos energy to consume you? Or will you be the calming force that is able to ride out the storm? Will you be able to put energetic boundaries and draw a clear line of where you end and the stressor begins?

In order to achieve a more peaceful outlook, we must develop effective ways of managing perceived stress without internalising it. Our systems can be trained to respond to stress much differently. The brains of consistent meditators and yogis do just that. They do not experience anxiety, depression. trauma or even fatigue during stressful situations. Their brains have a different chemical reaction altogether. The stress still exists. It is a fact that is inescapable. But the way we respond to it, physically, mentally and emotionally can be optimised. It is time to upgrade our hardware. We do it for our devices, why not do it for our bodies?

The Adrenal Ritual

The goal of our Adrenals, Stress Reset session is to do just that. It’s to provide you the space for mindful recovery and to equip you with practices to restore your adrenals and strengthen your emotional body. Practices we hope you will continue to do at home. After all, training only pays off with consistency.

In this session, we will dive into breath-work, postures, aromatherapy and vibrational sound healing frequencies, designed to bring your adrenals to a state of equilibrium. It’s time to Unlock Your Vitality. See you on Thursday!

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Written by Christina Michele Rios, Quantum Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls facilitator for HOA