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In conversation with Wany Misban

The Gong, when experienced with express intention, will help you in manifesting your desires through a path of holistic wellness. Regular attendees of Gong Meditation report feeling re-energised in the body, realising profound insight about the Self and growing into a new way of Being. In this week’s feature, we speak to Fitness and Nike Master Trainer Wany Misban about her intentions coming into Gong Meditation, and the development of her practice at HOA. Read on! 

Hi Wany, thank you for agreeing to be part of this feature. Now, tell us a little bit about yourself? Eg. What do you do? What are your hobbies?

I’m a fitness professional specialising in Pilates and group fitness under UFIT and also Nike as their Master Trainer. Although work revolves around workouts, I enjoy training with my friends since quite a few of us do so on our own so it’s a great excuse to meet, push each other in the workout before enjoying a good cuppa or an açai bowl. I also enjoy catching 53A @ Timbre, taking photos even though I’ve switched my cameras 7 film cameras to just a Huawei phone now, a good book or a show on Netflix/movies when I have the time. 

Why and how were you interested to try Gong Meditation?

I first heard of Gong Meditation from a friend who suffers from insomnia and high blood pressure. He claimed that his body was sensed to be at rest even though he was fully awake during the session he went to. Honestly, I finally decided to give it a shot as a form of recovery. Just can’t remember if it was from a physical or mental stress (as I was training hard for a half marathon but also was going on 30).

What are your experiences like during Gong Meditation? Have you had any memorable experiences to share? 

Every Gong Meditation session is different. At the beginning, I recall purely coming in to recover and feel refresh (after snoring in the session). There’s always a calming sensation right after and slowly, I began to learn and understand more about meditation with more practice. The one session I had an extremely clear intention and one of which was to work on my heart chakra, I had a vision of what I needed to do and I teared up as I literally felt vibrations of the Gong moving my heart's energy. It doesn’t happen too often to me but I truly enjoyed the experience where I time travel as the 90 minutes session seemed way shorter than I imagined. 

You are a regular at our Gong Meditation and Lunar Practices. How do you think these sessions have helped you? 

I feel that I'm much calmer and less emotional now than before. Not that being emotional is bad but I am more conscious of them and I process them differently now. I've been able to clear my mind in order to have clear intentions and I noticed that I receive what I ask the Universe for but only when my intentions are clear. I am able to tune into myself and notice more positive energy as I get cleansed from the negative ones with each practice at the Shala. 

Lastly, how do you think someone could benefit from HOA Gong Yoga/Meditation sessions?


I feel that the Gong guides One in their journey of Self-discovery and Oneness. But that could be wishy-washy to a lot who, like me, didn't start off doing meditation. So I personally feel that it can help us get a better grip of ourselves through release of negativity and the extra, unnecessary stresses. Our daily stresses are kept in our body and if kept for a long time, it can cause physical harm (falling ill, I had warts from stress a few years ago for awhile). The body relaxes and rejuvenates through the vibrations from the Gong which in itself and in turn, help the mind focus better. It helps to de-clutter the mind and get clarity for a more purposeful life. 

Thank you Wany!

Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA


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