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Vibrational Botanical Bath

At HOA, we observe a mindful Lunar practice on the Full Moon and New Moon, followed by a cleansing ceremony. Ritual cleansing symbolises the purification of a person’s Spiritual Body, and is done before doing any spiritual work. We also use a mix of Roses, Jasmine and Kaffir lime for our Full Moon cleanse, and Eucalyptus for our New Moon cleanse. But what is the significance of these flowers and why is it practiced on the Full and New Moon? We briefly explain the history of this practice and its prevalence in society today.

Mandi Bunga’ or "Flower Bath" is a popular cleansing ritual in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, where it is believed to ward off bad luck, cleanse and protect the person’s aura. This ritual carries the elements of Hindu-Buddhism and dynamism, the belief of a "Spirit" in every human, animal, plants, living beings, written and spoken word. Anthropologists have noted that this Spirit is known as “Mana” from Polynesia, “Sahala” by the Batak, “Kesaktian” by the Javanese; while the local Malays address mana as “Semangat.”

In Hindu belief, these plants have each a different purpose for their usage in a ritual. Kaffir Lime works to expel stale or stuck energy, while the round-oval shape represents the world as the “Chakra” in a macrocosm. Suraya Sam, our co-creator shares her Grandfather's recipe on traditional Javanese flower bath/shower which involves 7 types of the following flowers:

  • Canangrium Scortechinii

  • Mimusops Elengi

  • Agave Amica

  • Ylang Ylang

  • Magnolia

  • Jasmine

  • Rose

It is believed that the floral concoction, combined with chanting mantras, prayers or strongly visualised intentions, will produce the desired results. After the cleansing, the petals should be collected and released in the sea, have a fire ceremony or if in landlocked places, buried in fresh Earth within 7 days of performing the ritual. In communities that still live close to nature, ritual cleansing may take place in a natural body of water, such as the Ganges and Jumna rivers in India, which often sees millions of devotees taking part in ritual cleansing. Another well known cleansing ritual is the Melasti purification ceremony in Balinese culture, which sees a large procession heading to the beach to cleanse en masse in the sea. These cultures take part in ritual cleansing for purification, while other belief systems harness the power of water to manifest.

Flower baths/showers are ancient tradition meant to imbue a person with the vibrational frequency of a highly potent concoction. Each flower or herb added to a ritual bath/shower symbolises an intention; for example, Rose petals to attract more love, while Mint attracts abundance. Epsom salt is sometimes added to the bath to help stabilise mood and relieve stress, or a ring of crystals may be used around the tub/shower according to its specific intent or purpose. Energised by Lunar phenomena, these symbolic baths/showers represent a potent opportunity to access our spiritual nature and make magick happen.

The healing, soothing effects of water connects us with our Emotional Body, allowing us to surrender and receive. The Lightness and Darkness of the Full and New Moon phases may present an opportunity for us to reflect on both aspects of our self. At HOA, we practice release and purification on the Full Moon, while the New Moon is our time to set intentions for the next Lunar cycle. The light of the Full Moon represents the illumination of our shadows and the shedding of things that no longer serve a purpose. The New Moon represents fertile ground of which sprouts the seed of our intentions. As the Lunar phases waxes and wanes in each cycle, our spiritual body similarly goes through the cycle of purification, regrowth, and integration.

Water is intrinsically linked to the phases of the Moon; it commands the tides in the sea, and it has profound impact on our emotional body. By accessing our emotions, we tune into our Heart center, and we can create the reality we desire from a place of authenticity. After a cleansing ritual, we may feel significantly calmer, more grounded and clear-headed. Our bodies may feel rejuvenated, and we may feel re-energised and inspired to accomplish magnificent things.

Get your prescribed Vibrational Botanical Bath recipe by our co-creator Suraya Sam today!

Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA


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