Vernal Equinox Meditation & Ritual

On March 21st we celebrate the Vernal equinox (and Suraya Sam our co-creator's last weekend Gong Meditation before maternity leave), which sees the center of the visible Sun positioned directly above the equator — resulting in a Day and Night of equal length. The equinoxes are the only times when the solar terminator (the "edge" between night and day) is perpendicular to the equator. For the same reason, this is also the time when the Sun rises for an observer at one of Earth's rotational poles and sets at the other; for a brief period, both North and South Poles are in daylight at the same time!

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Vernal equinox welcomes the arrival of Spring, a powerful transitional season that sees the Earth awaking from dormancy to bloom forth her full bounty. That which has been planted are now finding their way to the surface, turning toward the light. We may notice a significant increase of energy during this time, which may inspire some serious personal growth. It is a time for new beginnings.

In many traditions, all things are considered to be cyclical, with time as a perpetual cycle of growth and retreat tied to the Sun's annual Death and (Re)Birth. This cycle is also viewed as a micro and macrocosm of other life cycles in an immeasurable series of cycles composing the Universe. Historically, this Vernal equinox is celebrated as Ostara, named after a neopagan Goddess of dawn. Similar to those observed at Easter, symbols for Ostara include eggs, rabbits, flowers and seeds. These symbols represent the fecundity of Spring and incorporate them into rituals, altars and celebratory feasts. Many religions also celebrate holidays during this time of year, such as the Hindu Holi, Jewish Purim, Sikh Hola Mohalla and Christian Easter.

On this Equinox, we celebrate harmony between our inherent Light and Dark, we honour themes of Death and (Re)Birth. We are called to reflect upon the dual aspects of our nature, and rejoice in the ways they colour our interaction with the worlds. As the Sun crosses the celestial equator that day, we honour the great Cosmic Dance that we are all a part of.

For the benefit of your own home practice or come practice with us, HOA recommends the following Equinox Meditation and Ritual. Here are some helpful things to ponder to begin:

1) How do I celebrate my light?

2) How have I learnt to confront my shadow?

3) What do I have to offer to the world?

On this sacred day, we highly recommend spending some time in nature or come practice with us, basking in the energy of the equinox. Inhale the fresh scent of flowers and boundless potential. As you exhale, release all the burdens of the past season into the dirt. Don’t forget to smile — the world is Beautiful.

A seed needs food, water and warmth to grow. This Spring, meditate on the things you absolutely need in your space to be your best possible self. Visualise with concise detail how you desire your safe space to be. It can be filled with broad concepts like love, kindness and freedom, or it can be filled with more tangible desires — family, beaches, dogs (for example). You may choose to represent these concepts with flowers and crystals in your very own equinox ceremony. As we have previously shared on Ritual Cleansing, Flower baths/showers can be meant to imbue a person with the vibrational frequency of a highly potent concoction. Each flower or herb added to a ritual bath symbolises an intention; for example, rose petals to attract more love, while mint attracts abundance. Adding quartz crystal, may grant you clarity while Jade may bring you luck. Trust your intuition when working with these elements, but avoid overthinking it.

Once you have identified the qualities you need to thrive, focus on them with a feeling of abundance and gratitude. You may choose to repeat the following affirmation: “I have everything I need to grow, thank you.” Feel these words soaking into your skin, and immerse yourself in its resounding truth. So it shall be.

Repeat this exercise as many times as you wish to catalyse directed motivation and radical self-growth. Remember: you have everything you need to thrive. May you grow where you are planted!


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Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA