Understanding Brainwave frequencies

In our previous blog, we wrote an introduction on sound bath with some of our favourite instruments here at HOA, and we briefly explained the role of frequencies when healing with sound. We explained that the basis of this technique is the understanding that physical matter vibrate in different frequencies, and to heal with sound is to merely tune the dissonance in our bodies to an optimal frequency necessary for restoring us to a state of balance and relaxation. In this blog, we shall elaborate on how these frequencies affect us, as well as introduce various types of frequencies that are each able to induce different healing results.

Do you often feel like your mind is like a speeding train? Most people report experiencing less chatter in their heads and more relaxation in the body after just an hour of sound therapy. You can say that sound has mood boosting abilities, but this phenomena actually has a lot to do with altering the frequencies in the brain via brainwave entrainment.

The human brain is a complex network of wires connected by synapses, which produce an electromagnetic field when they fire up to pass signals from one to another. The speed in which our synapses fire up is called the brainwave frequency. Different brainwave frequencies are used for different types of activity. Depending on what you’re doing, one frequency will be more active than the others, even though they are all detectable at all times. Here are the different types of brainwave frequencies:


This is the main frequency in adults that are awake, cognisant and alert. It is the “fastest” frequency and is important for logic, reasoning, problem-solving and focus. This frequency requires the most amount of energy and can manifest as fatigue and stress.


This is the dominant frequency when we are feeling relaxed, like after a warm shower or during meditation. Adolescents exhibit more Alpha than adults as it also aids learning, memory and imagination. Our subconscious beliefs are formed while we’re in the Alpha state!


This frequency happens mainly when we are drifting off to sleep, waking up from deep sleep, or daydreaming. When in Theta, our senses are withdrawn from the outside world and we start to dream and see vivid imagery.


Delta brainwaves are the slowest and are generated during deep, dreamless sleep. When the brain is in Delta, our body is working on healing and restoration, which is why deep sleep is important to our overall health.

We have mentioned in our earlier blog that during sound bath a phenomena called brainwave entrainment happens, whereby the brain is stimulated by sound to reach a specific state necessary for release, relaxation and healing. The first brainwave state to be reached is Alpha, which is defined by frequencies between 8 and 12 Hz. In this state, you may experience visual imagery (daydreams), associative thinking and heightened imagination. Next, the brain will experience an influx of Theta brainwaves, which fall between 4 and 7 Hz. This state is associated with deep meditation, hypnosis and REM sleep. This is why participants of our Gong Meditation report feeling relaxed after a session, or enjoying better sleep later that night, or even falling asleep during the session itself!

Do you also wonder how we keep our sanctuary so peaceful? That’s because we maintain the ambience with the use of beautiful frequencies referred to as binaural beats. When one tone is played to one ear and another tone is played to the other, the two hemispheres of the brain connect and create a third (internal) tone called a binaural beat. This is said to help synchronise the brain, providing clarity, calmness, and faster communication between the mind and the body. Certain binaural beats also have very specific abilities, such as physical healing, spiritual support or even metaphysical upgrade. Here are some of our favourite ones:

174Hz - Pain Relief frequency


432Hz - Raise Positive Vibrations


Fun fact: 432Hz is also the natural frequency of the universe!

528Hz - The frequency of Love


417Hz - Clearing Negative influence from the past