The Living Room Set - November

The Living Room Set returns to HOA on November 2nd with our resident musicians Jens Ringefelt, Gary Fernandez and guest musician, Stella Goh. Come connect with the our community in this intimate live music event at our shala, and be serenaded by the soothing tones of the Handpans and the melodic Pipa. Curious to see how these two different sounds will interact? In their own words, our resident musicians give us a peek into what to expect at the Living Room Set: 

"Handpans are finely tuned to produce an ethereal sound that resonates with any listener. It is calming and creates a feeling of space and elevation.  I am naturally drawn to the Handpan and I enjoy practicing mindfulness while playing to build my focus and ability. It's in those moments when I get a strong connection I feel like I can tell a story through the sound. When you then connect with other musicians this weaves into an even greater sonic journey" - Jens Ringefelt

"The pan has guided me to appreciate the nature and beauty of sound, and appreciate that every frequency has a different effect on our Chakras. The instrument excites the emotional state and amplifies what we feel and also has the ability to evoke a feeling of relaxation that is already within the listener. Expect to feel the expression of sound and allow us to paint colours together with the Pipa" - Gary Fernandez

"I picked up the Pipa during my school days in the Chinese Orchestra, when I was 13 years old. I loved how beautiful the pear-shaped wooden instrument looked and the unique tonal colour it produces on its own. There are many styles of tonal expression one is able to create with the Pipa. The electro-acoustic Pipa is able to produce a reverb effect that is unique from the traditional Pipa that most people are used to hearing. The Pipa is an interesting addition to handpans as the instrument can be Virtuosic. The addition of melodic lines by the Pipa will create a refreshing take, with an Asian twist." - Stella Goh

It will be a soothing soundscape not to be missed! Come hang out with us at The Living Room Set. Light refreshments will be served. RSVP here!