The Living Room Set

At House of Ascend, our frequency-based syllabus is an exploration of the ancient wisdom of sound and music therapy practiced since early human civilisation. In Ancient Greece, Apollo was the God of both music and medicine. In Ancient Egypt, music therapy was a staple in temples. Native American culture used both song and dance for healing. But beyond its healing purposes, we at HOA simply enjoy making and sharing music with the community!

House of Ascend, is proud to present the first Living Room Set in Tiong Bahru, hosted by our resident musicians Gary Fernandez and Jens Ringefelt. Taking place in our intimate Shala, this event will treat you to a performance of Handpans, RAV Drums and other percussive instruments and the opportunity to hang out and try these instruments for yourself.  

The Handpan is a modern instrument with a timeless sound. The first version of this instrument is affectionately known as the "Hang" and was created by PanArt in Switzerland in 2000. These instruments are crafted and tuned by hand to create its unique sound. Due to the skill and knowledge required to create these instruments and out of respect for PanArt all future versions of this instrument made by new makers are called Handpans. There were only a handful of new makers in the decade following the Hang. Today there are a few hundred makers with more coming every day adding their own unique sound, look and feel to the instrument.

Meanwhile the number of people who own and play these instruments has grown to form a close-knit global community with meet-ups, jam sessions and festivals held all over the world. It is an open, welcoming and inclusive community that attracts people from all walks of life with a simple common purpose: to appreciate the sound, form and music of the Handpan. 

Come experience the soothing melodies of the Handpan at our Living Room Set on April 27th, 8:00pm - 11:00pm. Canapés and drinks will be served alongside the music to satisfy all of your senses including your tummy! RSVP here!