The importance of Savasana

Believe it or not, Savasana is considered the most important pose in yoga! This passive lying-down posture allows us to sink into stillness and cool down after an active asana practice. It gives us a chance to integrate the effects of the practice and to simply rest in the present moment without judgement. When the body starts to relax, the mind has a chance to find silence and clarity. This allows us to function better day to day by teaching us how to make space for healing amidst our busy lives. 

Savasana also serves as a reset for our whole Physiology. It balances the nervous system by stimulating the Parasympathetic nervous system (our rest and digest response) while calming the Sympathetic nervous system (our fight, flight and freeze response). Savasana also brings us the opportunity to listen closely to our physical body, to observe the feelings and sensations that surface when we’re not caught up in a flurry of activity. It nurtures deeper connection with our Self. 

Savasana is the absence of all patterns—Mental, Emotional, and Physical. It is the ultimate release of the known and unknown world, where awareness is all that is left. Also known as corpse pose, we can confront the topic of our mortality during Savasana and come to terms with our own transience. We are encouraged to tune into the breath during Savasana, and realise that at one point in our life, we will encounter our final breath. 

Regardless the reasons listed above, many yogis find Savasana incredibly challenging. Our monkey minds may go on a chattering spree, and various parts of our body may compulsively start itching or twitching. As such, Savasana tests our endurance and willpower. It reminds us that we can push through any challenges by anchoring into the breath. 

For this week’s Gong Meditation in Savasana, we begin by releasing tension from the Body and the Mind. Following that we will commence point to point Chakra meditation from the crown to the feet, and then back up to the crown again. This is done by shifting your attention on each individual Chakra to regulate the flow of energy within your body. You may choose to visualise an orb of light moving from one Chakra to the next as you meditate. Notice your limbs softening and relaxing deeper as the sounds of the Gong reverberate throughout your corpse pose. Careful not to fall asleep! 

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Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA