The Chakra System Week 2: Sacral Chakra

Our Chakra System syllabus at HOA aims to provide a deeper understanding of the subtle energy centers that govern our physical and energetic body. This week November 11th - 17th, we move up the spinal column to the second chakra, the Sacral chakra, which is located below the navel. From the back, it is located on the lumbar vertebrae. The Sanskrit name “Svadhisthana” translates to “the place of the Self.” 

The Sacral chakra is the center of our creative and sexual energy. This chakra is associated with the reproductive organs - the ovaries in women and testicles in men - and is linked to our fertility, creativity, sensuality, intimacy and emotional body. The function of the Sacral chakra is directed by the principles of passion and pleasure, and its gift is our experience of life through feelings and sensations.

When we tap into our creative energy, we are tapping into the energy of the Sacral chakra. Our impulse to create is very distinctly human and is associated with how our species progress and transforms from one generation to the next. Everything we aspire to create - from our artistic endeavours to business opportunities to conceiving a child - draws energy from the Sacral chakra. This chakra also teaches us that our creative power and our feelings are intertwined. The passions we hold in our heart are much readily manifested into reality, rather than if they were merely abstractions in the mind. Passion is the fuel of our creative energy. 

The main challenges of this chakra lies in the conditioning of our society. We live in a society where logic and rationality are valued over emotions and feelings, where many of us have trouble managing our feelings. We may prefer to hide or reject uncomfortable feelings, and as a result are disconnected from our emotional body. We also experience the wounds of our collective cultural struggles over many sexual issues of our society. On one end of the spectrum, sexuality is magnified and glorified, and on the other, it is subjected to hyper conservatism. This results in either blocked or overactive sacral chakra issues that manifest in promiscuity, intimacy issues, sex addiction or low sex-drive. When the Sacral chakra is under active, we may also feel depressed, disconnected from other people, and experience a lack of creativity. When it is overactive, we may encounter addiction, gluttony, obesity and restlessness. Physically, may experience chronic lower back pain, ovarian cysts and other reproductive issues, urinary tract infections, impotence, pain during intercourse, complications with the bladder and kidneys, and other pelvic–lower abdominal issues.

When this chakra is balanced, we will delight in being present in the moment, and relish every feeling and sensation we may experience. We will address our relationship with others and with ourself, by learning how to express ourself more skilfully and how to set healthy boundaries. We may discover unlimited creative power, learn how to cultivate a healthy relationship to pleasure and gain deeper insight into our default reactions and deepest emotions. 

The Sacral chakra is governed by the element of Water, and as such its energy is characterised by flow and flexibility. The energy of this chakra allows us to let go, to move, and to feel change and transformation occurring within the body. It allows us to experience this moment as it is, in its own fullness. It reminds us to fully feel the emotion, instead of resisting, and then release it with peace. When we surrender to the flow of life, we trust our divine path to take us where we are meant to go. 

The Bīja Mantra (Seed Mantra) of the Sacral chakra is VAM. It is a cleansing sound that allows negative energy and emotion to be released and balanced. 

Join us at HOA this week to flow with the energies of your Sacral chakra with the sound of the Gong. On Thursday November 14th, we will discover the principles, purpose and properties of this chakra in a special 2-hr session. Book your mat today!

* Cancellation for November 14th should be done 3 days prior or you will be charged for late cancellation.

Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA