Taurus New Moon Ritual

The New Moon this month, April 23rd brings us the Earthy energies of Taurus. The New Moon falls on what is commonly celebrated as Earth Day. Governed by Mother Earth herself, the energy of Taurus, in her purest form, connects us with nature. She reminds us that we are always supported and protected by the Earth, and we can always return to Pachamama when we need to center our world. Taurus season encourages us to feel with all of our senses this great planet we live on and be grateful that she is always here to nourish us. 

The energy of Taurus serves as the foundation of our growth and evolution. Under this zodiac sign, we are called to find our strength and resolve to traverse an uncertain future. Taurus reminds us that we can always come home to a place within us, where we can find peace and stillness. We just need to know how to arrive at this safe place when life takes twists and turns. Throughout Taurus season, look for those little moments when you feel content, still and one with nature. These can be the simplest of experiences, such as using a particular plant for medicine, or noticing it's exquisite design. It's in the smell of the rain or the feel of dirt under our feet. In these moments, you’ll find connection by returning to your Earth element. You can find stillness amongst the chaos which is life. 

Now that we are isolated in our homes, it is more important than ever to have a grounding practice that connects us with the Earth. Tune into HOA Online on Wednesday April 22nd, 7pm to access (when you subscribe) to our 30 minute Taurus New Moon Ritual audio recording led by our co-creators Suraya Sam & Jens Ringefelt. Remember to take a shower before you begin your practice, and cleanse your space with incense resins or sticks. Have a bottle of your favourite essential oil, crystals, light a candle and take a moment to sit in stillness to channel all your energy into the New Moon. 

After your meditation, we also recommend on this Taurus New Moon, commit to honouring this connection with a practical Earthy ritual that serves as a conduit to manifesting your intentions. HOA believes that if you can’t go outside, you can bring it inside with you. Our New Moon rituals have always been based on the metaphor of the seeds of your intention being planted. What better way to connect with the energies of Pachamama than to get your hands in the dirt, and literally grow your intentions. This New Moon, HOA is being called to work with the energies of Zingiber Officinale, the ginger root, a truly magickal plant that has been used in many ancient herbal traditions. 

This Ritual involves propagating ginger, so make sure you have a pot of dirt with you. Using mature ginger root, cut out its “eyes” - the nodes where new shoots will emerge. The eyes represent your vision for the future. Where would you like to see growth in yourself? What would you like to reap in abundance? What sort of new world would you like to see emerging? The energies of the ginger has traditionally been associated with purification, peace and prosperity, so we recommend crafting your ritual around these values. Then cast the eyes onto the soil, pointing them toward the sky. As you bury the ginger in dirt, give thanks to Pachamama for all that she provides. Don’t forget to nourish your pot with sunlight and water. As your roots grow, you shall remain grounded. As you commit to forming a nurturing bond with nature, you shall commit to doing the same with your self. Ginger also has antiviral properties, which may serve as a symbolic talisman of our time. 

Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA