Super Libra Full Moon

For the second month in a row we will be fortunate to witness a Supermoon this April 8th, in the astrological sign of Libra. Each Full Moon brings us an opportunity to work with opposing forces within ourselves through the reflection and revelation of these energies. We can feel the lower vibrations, the higher vibrations, and the parts of ourselves at war with each other. On this Supermoon, we can examine these forces in the context of our relationship with the external world. How do we relate to the people around us? How do our choices directly or indirectly affect the world around us? What do our habits say about our virtues? 

The sign of Libra is symbolised by a set of weighing scales, which pertains to our intellect, judgment or sense of justice. Perhaps a time of reckoning is upon us. We are being forced to weigh the costs and consequences of our way of life against an uncertain future. Logically we recognise that there has been a great imbalance in our current civilisation. We have done great injustices to each other and to the ecosystem. We no longer live in harmony with our human brothers and sisters, much less our Earth mother. This global crisis has given us the blessed opportunity to disrupt a dehumanising system. We now have the power to pause and reflect on how we can cultivate better habits, and create a better future. As the virus ravages our species, think about how we have for generations ravaged the Planet. Where do we go from here, and how? 

By using a mindful practice you can push through the uncomfortable feelings that accompany these tough questions and remain calm. The mind also has to be protected from sickness. Now, more than ever, we need rational individuals to hold the line for those who are more mentally vulnerable. A crisis causes the limbic system to kick in our survival mechanisms, causing hormones to flood into the brain and nervous system. Pandemic is not registered in our memory system, so the brain in survival mode does not know whether to pick fight, flight or freeze. As we are constantly inundated with information by the media, the limbic system decides we are in danger and cycles through all of them. Our fight response can manifest in anxiety or anger, flight response can surface as overexcitement or avoidance, while a freeze can present itself as depression or ambivalence. These feelings may be intensified by the Supermoon, and possibly made worse by staying home for days. 

At HOA, our ethos places emphasis on humans to create their own destiny. However, as this crisis has shown us, our destinies are often intertwined because we are all connected. For those who are privileged and have access to self-care, we must take up the mantle and be the bearers of light the world needs. Throughout all of human history we have looked up at the night sky, we have wondered at the Moon and sought solace from the Stars. We have always turned to the Light in the Dark. 

This Supermoon, we at HOA recommend a Ritual to draw light into your energetic body so you may share it with humanity. In Wiccan tradition, drawing down the Moon was a form of sacred communion with the Goddess. During the Ritual, the High Priestess fills herself with Lunar energies, allowing the Goddess to enter her body and speak through her lips. In this adaptation of the Ritual, we shall simply meditate upon the symbolism of the moon. We shall harness her feminine, nurturing qualities to take care of ourself and others. For this Ritual ideally you should have a view of the Moon, but if you don’t, you can make do with visualising a bright Lunar disk directly in front of you. It is pure white, and so bright. With every deep inhale feel light being absorbed by your skin until you are glowing. The top of your head is especially bright. With every exhale, you may choose to expand the light outward with love and compassion. For as long as you will, imagine yourself as a source of light. All that you feel, say and do will be of the highest virtue. You can seal the meditation with a deep bow to affirm your Divine service. And so it shall be...

Please browse our blog on breath-work, yoga and meditation to find a wide variety practices you can do to alleviate your coping mechanisms during this time. You may choose to work with the healing powers of sound and vibrational frequencies to harmonise your space. Frequency 396Hz is especially useful for releasing fear, while 417Hz helps us clear negative feelings or anxiety over uncertain times. Frequency 639Hz enables us access our heart center, to connect with the vibration of unconditional love. Under the light of the Supermoon, may we all be illuminated, and may we all find our way. 

Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA