Scorpio New Moon Ritual

This New Moon on October 28th, the sun will be entering the astrological sign of Scorpio, which brings an energy full of magic, mystery, and intensity. Scorpio season is a time of TRANSFORMATION, where we integrate our shadow self, and we have the opportunity to uncover what is hidden within us and step into our authentic power. Take the time this season to develop your most intuitive self. Be ready to delve deep into a new understanding of all that you are and capable of becoming. Scorpio inspires us to connect with the divine essence within us and align much closer with our higher purpose. 

Each zodiac is an evolution of the one before. Where Libra taught us how to remain balanced through any situation, Scorpio teaches us to completely immerse ourselves in the full spectrum of sensations that life brings us. These include all of our emotions, our reactions, and our intuition. Scorpio encourages us to feel deeply, even if our feelings are intense, uncomfortable, or if they cause a destabilising, transformational effect on our lives. Scorpio also inspires us to allow all emotional energies into our consciousness, instead of choosing to avoid the difficult ones. After all, everything is comprised of energy. All of our sadness, our anxiety, our joy, and the myriad of other vibrations we feel at any given time is just energy at its core, which makes it possible to shift and transmute them into energy that serves us. Scorpio is the great alchemist of the zodiac and teaches us that we too can metaphorically turn lead into gold, if we so desire. 

The Season of Scorpio is a time to embrace the hard road. It’s a time to accept that life is not always easy, or often full of struggle, as growth is not found in comfort. Scorpio teaches us to welcome the struggle, because it is what ultimately shows us our strength. It also shows us our power to master our mind, our reactions, our emotions, and even our intuition. Scorpio season is a time to face up to your authentic self. Start by living your truth: if you’re unhappy, admit it. If you want something, admit it. Recognise that you have the power to transform your feelings into any energy you desire in your life. Remain present through all situations, especially the ones which challenge you the most. Dive into these situations and dive into the emotions they bring up, finding your center amongst the chaos of the storms around you. Feel your strength, and feel your ability to master the vibrations of your life through fearlessness and the willingness to show up.

This Scorpio season, we will be harnessing the energies of Lapis Lazuli. When you connect with the high frequencies of the Lapis Lazuli crystal, it helps support spiritual enlightenment by allowing you to go deeper within the self. Also known as "The Wisdom Keeper,” Lapis Lazuli helps us awaken our true destiny and divine purpose. The subtle yet powerful energy of the Lapis Lazuli crystal is surprisingly effective at shining a light on the soul and its intuitive abilities and inner knowing. The Lapis Lazuli crystal meaning is associated with the third eye chakra, the energy center that processes the essence of your inner spirit. When you wear the stone as jewelry or meditate with a single tumbled stone, you can channel the ancient Egyptians and their belief in its power to stimulate a connection to the spirit world. You can find Lapis Lazuli at the following stores: 

Full Circle 

545 Orchard Road #16-04 Far East Shopping Centre Singapore 238882


Harmony Gems & Crystals

102F Pasir Panjang Road, Citilink 

Warehouse complex #01-05 

Singapore 118530 


Qi New Age & Healing 

42 Kandahar street

Singapore 198896 


Delve into the depths of your inner world to transmute adversity into strength. Join us for our Scorpio New Moon Ritual at HOA. Book your spot here!

Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA