Scorpio Full Moon Ritual on Vesak Day

The Full Moon this month, May 7th brings us the energies of Scorpio, promising an emotionally intense period, and also the most transformative. Like all transformations, the road through this Full Moon is not always easy. It may be full of inner turmoil, confronting emotions, and our deepest fears. What’s on the other side, though, is a new sense of ourselves, one that includes the complete acceptance of our infinite power. 

For most of us, what Scorpio brings up is our fear around our limited time on Earth. She reminds us of our mortality and brings up questions about how we are spending our time here. We are urged to shift our attention to the present moment and focus on what we must do to survive it. Fear nevertheless has a silver lining. It teaches us about our own strength and our ability to overcome. When we face our fears, they transform us, become a place of inner resilience, and ultimately a source of power. The intensity surrounding the Scorpio Full Moon is partly because of our unwillingness to feel our fear. We spend much time distracting ourselves from it, and other emotions. If we face it, though, it melts away. That’s the thing about fear, it’s a shadow, and once we shine a light on it, it can no longer exist.

The Full Moon is a time to illuminate what is most important in our lives. We are reminded that what lies in our subconscious has an influence on our patterns and behaviours. Scorpio encourages us to feel these places and see them for what they are, instead of hiding or suppressing them. This is a time to confront all truths, especially the ones we hide from ourselves. Take time to feel into your inner landscape and connect with your greatest efforts to create the life of our dreams. Take a moment to appreciate where you have been and identify where you are going. Empowered by Scorpio themes of rebirth, shed the versions of yourself that no longer define you. 

This Full Moon is also in conjunction with Vesak Day. Wesak or Vesak, is considered by the Buddhists as the most powerful full moon of the year, and sometimes is called “Buddha’s Birthday” as it encompasses the birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha. Vesak is special, mainly because Buddha made a commitment to keep in touch with Earth and its beings on this auspicious day. According to tradition, on the exact time of Vesak, Buddha returns to Earth and spiritual practitioners and Holy Masters from all over the world join him for a great act of service to mankind – to help manifest the divine plan on Earth. 

In order to benefit immensely from the energies of this auspicious day, spiritual practitioners should prepare our system by removing negative thought, emotions and all that hinder our spiritual growth. We can harness the great spiritual energies that are present during this auspicious day through meditation. Meditation helps to activate the Crown chakra and bring down greater amounts of divine energy into our system, which get much stronger at the exact time of Vesak. By meditating on the Crown chakra, we may develop our intuition, and empower our ability to manifest. Divine energy when received by the practitioner, will get absorbed by the energy body and the chakras, transforming their quality and improving their functions.

Vesak is also a great opportunity to offer service through prayer. When people of good will and the will to do good come together and meditate, they become great channels to receive and bring down divine energies of dark, light, love and power and pass them to every person and every being on Earth. 

On May 6th, HOA online presents a 30 minute audio recording meditation on Loving-Kindness. With a practice of Loving-Kindness, we can send compassion to the deepest parts of ourself, loved ones, friends and to every being in the Universe. We can silence the judgment, doubt and anxiety that arises in our minds, in order to discover the true yearning of our Spirit. It’s time to be honest about our bad habits and choose to gently release them with unconditional love. When we work with the energies of the Heart chakra, we release the burden of pain we may be carrying and journey towards wholeness. Only then can we be of divine service to humanity. 

"May you be safe, may you be healthy, may you live with ease and happiness..."

Head on to HOA Online and tune into our Scorpio Full Moon & Vesak Day Ritual on Loving-Kindness to augment your practice on this auspicious and transformative day.

*HOA Online will only be live to the public on May 6th at 7pm.

Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA