Sagittarius Full Moon Ritual

The Full Moon on June 6th brings us the fiery energy of Sagittarius. Symbolised by the archer, Sagittarius urges us to examine our vision and call in the expansion of our consciousness. Sagittarius encourages us to ask the big questions like “why are we here?” and “what is the purpose of my life?” While we may not be able to answer these questions immediately, it may be helpful to become aware of when and why these questions surface in the mind. Often we start questioning our existence when we are losing trust in our journey. Sagittarius inspires us to take a leap of faith, to leave our comfort zone and step into unknown territory. When we find ourselves in doubt, we also find ourselves pondering the point and purpose of our journey. Free yourself of any existential dilemmas this Full Moon and align with the archer to propel you into new territory physically, mentally, and energetically.

As we align with the energy of Sagittarius this Full Moon, feel into situations you’ve perceived as negative. Can you possibly begin to reframe them as experiences of growth? Some situations are almost impossible to view in a positive light, but can you find some meaning in even the negative ones? This Sagittarius Full Moon reminds us that there are no right or wrong ways to live: we are all entitled to our own version of reality, with differing vantage points that make each of us special and unique. Sagittarius teaches us that our experiences are neither negative or positive. They are simply a chance to expand. This sign wants to evolve and welcomes in any situation which will help us transcend our current reality. 

While the Full Moon enters Sagittarius, the Sun is still positioned in Gemini, so we can draw inspiration from both signs to flavour our introspection during this current moon phase. Both signs are concerned with the pursuit of truth, the acquisition of knowledge and following their curiosity, which means we will be rewarded in our intellectual pursuits this season if we put in the work. Both signs can also teach us to keep an open mind and suspend judgment when faced with new or uneasy situations. Gemini and Sagittarius rules the 3rd and 9th house of communication respectively, so this month pay special attention to your throat chakra. How are you expressing your highest truth? How can you turn your thoughts and ideas into empowered change? 

Sagittarius, much like Gemini, encourages us to explore the world around us. This energy inspires us to travel, to embrace new cultures, and to open our mind to new realities. The gift of Sagittarius is optimism, joyfulness, and seeing the world as one integrated whole where everything is connected. When we align with this higher vibration, we trust that everything will work out how it’s meant to be, even in the face of adversity. Sagittarius ultimately shows us the infinite potential of our consciousness and encourages us to expand it with every opportunity. In this frequency, we become open to receiving new truths and taking leaps of faith. We trust the journey of our life and know that even if we stumble, we are still learning. Life becomes an evolving experience where there are no failures, no wrong turns, and no mistakes. There are just new realities to encounter, which will expand our consciousness to new levels. During this Full Moon, you may choose to open up your heart, and call in new experiences and lessons that will support your growth. 

To support this endeavour, HOA recommends using the energies of the Amethyst crystal to gain clarity during your meditation on HOA Online. Amethyst is used in meditation as it is a natural tranquilliser and is highly effective at calming the mind, although it can stimulate the mental faculties where appropriate. Amethyst improves memory and concentration by facilitating the transmission of neural signals through the brain. This crystal is useful for insomnia caused by an overactive mind and when placed under the pillow it also protects against recurrent nightmares. 

As always, HOA advocates ritual cleansing during the Full Moon in the form of a Flower Bath. At home, you will be preparing your ritual by placing the flower petals and kaffir lime (cut into a dice by having its edges sliced 6 ways) into an amount of fresh water which should be enough to cleanse yourself. You will start by setting your intention and then proceed with washing yourself, beginning with your face and head, then gradually moving on to the rest of the body. Once completed, gather the petals once again and release them into the sea within 7 days of the ritual. 

Happy Sagittarius Full Moon!

Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA