New Year Manifestation

Tired of making the same old new year’s resolution over and over again? Often, we start the year with the best of intentions, but find our resolutions shattered pretty soon. If this sounds like you, read on to find out how you can make your resolutions stick! 

Since resolutions seem a little flimsy, let’s try a different method. By now, you’ve surely heard of the term “Manifestation.” It is a process that’s been proven to make our deepest desires a reality via the law of attraction, which is the belief that where you put attention, energy flows. So you are the instrument by which your dreams come true. But what is involved in this magical process? 

1 - Be Specific 

When asking from the Universe, it helps to be very specific. Try to include important details but be as concise as possible. Avoid thinking about unimportant details that will only make you lose focus. It also helps to have a realistic timeframe. If you’re looking to lose weight, it might be unlikely to manifest within the next week. It would also help to specify, for example, how much weight you would like to shed, otherwise you might risk getting unsatisfactory or half-way successful results. 

2 - Visualise 

Hold the vision of what you desire vividly in your head. Make it as detailed as you can possibly imagine. For example, if you would like a new house, imagine the sort of neighbourhood it would be in, the ambience, the shape and colour. Imagine yourself living in the house instead of merely desiring for it. The key to manifesting is to imagine yourself already living the goal. Think about how you feel when it comes true and focus on that. 

3 - Visual Boarding

If you don’t possess a rich and vivid imagination, it might be useful to get some help in the form of pictures. Maybe you could download some relevant photos from the internet or cut out pictures from magazines to make a collage or visual board to help you visualise your goals a lot easier. Put this collage someplace where you will see it frequently to help focus on the goal. Try to make it as coherent as possible, because if you have clashing materials on it, you might just end up confused and not manifest anything. 

4 - Put in effort 

It’s not merely enough to imagine what you want without putting in the effort. You have to work for it! For example, you can’t manifest abundance if you stay home all day and not go to work. Also, a big part of the effort is staying patient and keeping the faith. You have to whole-heartedly believe that things will turn out the way you want them to, and this takes a whole lot of effort. We recommend meditation to clear your mind, help you focus and stay positive! Join us at HOA for Gong Meditation to boost your manifestation efforts and achieve your heart’s desire. 

5 - Use the phases of the Moon 

The New Moon is an excellent time to manifest your desires, as it is the phase of the moon which is unseen. During the New Moon, the sky is completely dark, symbolising a fresh new start - a blank slate to write on or the freshly tilled ground to plant your seeds in. During this moon phase, we go deep into our subconscious and try to understand and confront our deepest desires. We then ritualise the manifestation process, to ensure guaranteed success. As the moon waxes and grows larger over the course of the month, so will your desires manifest gradually! Join us at our monthly New Moon Ritual for a special lunar ritual designed to turn your desires into reality!