New Moon Ritual

The New Moon signals the beginning of a new moon phase and so, symbolically it is a magickal time to invite new beginnings in your life. The simple way to do this is to clearly set your intention for what you desire to create and manifest.

At HOA, we conduct our New Moon Ritual to help you do exactly that. But before embarking on the new, you have to say goodbye to the old, of course!

On the New Moon, the moon is not visible in the sky. We encourage you to embrace the darkness of the New Moon and the darkness within you, knowing that it will soon pass, as we shed the things that no longer serve us. This process of consciously releasing makes space for growth! So don’t let the darkness of the New Moon intimidate you. Remember that a seed needs to be buried in the darkness of the soil to later grow into its full potential.

Our practice starts with the simple act of writing down our intentions on a piece of paper. This helps us clearly define what we desire. When asking for something from the Universe, being very specific will work wonders! It also primes the subconscious to work towards achieving exactly what is needed. During each New Moon Ritual, you’ll be able to take home with you a divine gift that is vital in helping you meditate on your intentions.

The New Moon Ritual incorporates a simple Yin practice to reconnect you with your shadow self, allowing you to find balance between your Light and your Dark. Our guide will play the gong as you restore. We invite you to move with ease and let the sound of the gong work through the energetic blockages you hold within yourself. After the session, you will enjoy feeling more grounded, balanced and empowered to accomplish what you wish. Many participants also experience profound insights during their meditation! Please take note that the sound of the gong will stay with you for 48 hours, so don’t forget to hydrate.

Once your intentions have manifested, and ideally on the Full Moon, we recommend you burn your piece of paper as a symbol of completion. We also recommend spending a moment to reflect and give thanks to your divine guides and blessings.