Meet your musicians for Full Moon Sleepscape

Ahead of our Full Moon Sleepscape event this Saturday November 24th, we have taken some time to speak to the talented musicians joining us to create a soundscape experience like no other. Supporting our Co-creator of HOA Suraya Sam on the Gongs, we have Martin Ambrose on the Didgeridoo, Stella Goh on the Pipa, Gary Fernandez and Jens Ringefelt on the RAV vast. Read on to find out about each of their journeys with their instrument and how it all began, the beneficial effects of their sound, what to expect from the Sleepscape... and more!

"My mum instigated my journey into playing and making my own Didgeridoos. My family went to Australia and my mum came home with a Didgeridoo as a souvenir. It was too short to resound but it sparked my curiosity and I ended up blowing into the pipe of our vacuum cleaner. My journey with the Didgeridoo has been, and is still very revealing. As I engage with this ancient tool, it reciprocates. As I transmute air - prana - into simple vibrations, the journey begins again each time. I’m learning and healing every time I pick up the instrument.

The sound of the Didgeridoo stimulates the mind of both player and listener with the vibrations which are transposed into a melody or a drone. The player of the Didgeridoo is able to set intention into the vibration, which then augments the brainwaves, emotions and thoughts of the listener. When in total surrender, the mind of the listener enters a calm Delta state, which enables a clearer, distraction-free route to whatever answers they seek." - Martin Ambrose

"I picked up the Pipa during my school days in the Chinese Orchestra, when I was 13 years old. I loved how beautiful the pear-shaped wooden instrument looked and the unique tonal color it produces on its own. There are many styles of tonal expression one is able to create with the Pipa. With the electro-acoustic Pipa, the mic attached inside the Pipa is able to produce a reverb effect that is unique from the traditional Pipa that most people are used to hearing. The Pipa will be an interesting addition to the music landscape, as the instrument can be Virtuosic. The addition of melodic lines by the Pipa will create a refreshing take, with an Asian twist." - Stella Goh

"The pan has guided me to appreciate the nature and beauty of sound, and appreciate that every frequency has a different effect on our Chakras. The instrument excites the emotional state and amplifies what we feel and also has the ability to evoke a feeling of relaxation that is already within the listener. Expect to feel the expression of sound and allow us to paint colors on your Full Moon Sleepscape journey!" - Gary Fernandez

"My long time friend introduced me to the "hang" drum, the original handpan, in 2005 and I loved it from the first time I saw it. I followed his journey and saw his talent develop and it inspired me to also start playing these instruments, although I prefer the RAV drum. Like any new skill, it takes time and practice to learn, but I am naturally drawn to the instrument and that makes it easier. I practice mindfulness while playing to build my focus and ability, and in those moments when I get a strong connection I feel like I can tell a story through the sound.

The RAV drum is finely tuned to produce an ethereal sound that resonates with any listener. It is calming and creates a feeling of space and elevation that is good for entering in and out of deeper states of meditation." - Jens Ringefelt

See you at Full Moon Sleepscape!