Living from the Heart Week 4: Humility

This week (August 26th - September 1st) we move on to the fourth theme of our Living from the Heart syllabus at HOA. In the past 4 weeks, our practice and rituals have been structured around a different theme, collectively known as the Six Heart Virtues. These virtues constitute the essence of the energetic heart and, when expressed in our daily lives, enable it to perform as a portal to our higher self. We shall be working with the virtue of Humility, and learning how to embody it in our daily lives. 

Humility is often misunderstood, and shouldn’t be confused with low self-esteem, timidity, feelings of inferiority, or self-deprecation. While being humble requires acknowledging our own difficulties, shortcomings and limits, it doesn’t mean we define ourselves based on these circumstances. Humility means living in the truth - accepting that we aren’t perfect, but without putting ourselves down. 

True humility doesn’t mean looking constantly at our own smallness and comparing ourselves to others. Making these comparisons means constantly turning towards ourselves and only seeing others as a threat. Humble people don’t need to feel that they’re better than others, but at the same time, they can still see their own personal worthiness. They simply have a broad and profound perspective on reality, in which they see their own place without having to debate who’s better or worse off. Humility isn’t a virtue to be conquered to achieve self-perfection, rather it’s about recognising the truth about yourself, and being at peace with it. 

In the words of writer and theologian C.S Lewis,

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” - C.S Lewis

In this age of rampant social media usage, it may be important to starve the ego and feed the soul. Before hitting the share button, consider how the content you’re creating adds value to the world instead of your sense of self-importance. HOA co-creator and facilitator Suraya has the following to say about Humility as her virtue: 

"To me, Humility can be exercised every day through simple actions. As a facilitator at HOA, I do focus on my clients, by examining my and their inner strengths and weaknesses, and by being aware of the common values WE all have no matter what our role or position. Humility is not the absence of desire or confidence. I don’t need to shy away from my responsibilities in order to be humble. But I do need to acknowledge that I am not any better or any less than the people around me, and it is the group contribution, consciousness and awareness that often helps us, human beings to achieve things, whether or not I did most of the work myself or as a collective. So, be humble!” - Suraya Sam

This week’s virtue also coincides with the Virgo Super New Moon. We shall be harnessing the energies of Virgo in healing our feelings of insecurity, inadequacy and anxiety, to be transmuted to Humility. During Virgo season, try repeating the mantra “I am good enough” every day and observe what your mind says in protest. Your reaction to this statement will point you towards the places that need healing, love, and compassion for you to feel your gift is good enough to offer the world. 

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Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA