Libra Full Moon Ritual

The Full Moon in Libra this week conjuncts with the Sun entering Aries, which kicks off a brand new astrological cycle. We are blessed to have the balancing energies of Libra usher us into this season of new beginnings, and inspire us to thoroughly cleanse our selves of the things that no longer serve us. 

Libra is a sign of balance and during this season, we can use her influence to illuminate what brings us into balance, what brings us out of balance, and what we can do to prevent imbalance before it even occurs. The trick to the balancing act is to understand the many different aspects to our selves, and our relationship with those aspects. Allow the complexities of the self to rise to the surface, so we may fully understand the complexity of our energetic field. We may find that the trick to staying balanced is to keep moving, to keep finding our footing, and similarly we may find the need to keep evolving as we move along our path. 

Aries reminds us of our unique purpose on this planet, and also teaches us drive and motivation. She is action and often action without consideration of consequences. Aries is raw, primal instinct. As the first sign of the zodiac, she incorporates the energy of new beginnings where everything and anything is possible. Libra, on the other hand, is a further evolution of this raw energy. She also represents action, but harmonious action which takes into account many other factors and relationships. Libra reminds us that we have many relationships with different aspects of ourselves and when we prioritise one, the others need to compromise.

The sign of Libra is concerned with justice, and our views of what is right and wrong. We can harness this energy to influence our relationship with forgiveness. The energy of regret, anger and resentment are the largest blockage to our inner harmony, and are the root cause of our emotional imbalance. Forgiving ourselves can sometimes be one of the hardest things we can do, as we tend to define our selves based on the mistakes we make. Changing our relationship to our mistakes will help us realise that they teach us the lessons needed for evolution. The Full Moon is a time for release, and letting these sentiments go will set us free. 

Our Full Moon Ritual this week will include some intensive cleansing, starting from an epsom salt feet wash to chakra cleansing mantras to a bonfire to burn away the constructs you wish to release. We will also be working with Selenite, so please remember to bring your wand. 

Selenite is a stone of transformation, which works to help you bring light down from the higher realms into the physical body. It helps to heal old emotional wounds, and transforms this energy to healing, forgiveness and acceptance. The stone has a strong vibration that helps to clear the aura of negative energy build up, open up the crown chakra and connect us to our higher selves. Selenite is particularly useful in meditation, and can even give you access to your past memories and gifts. Selenite helps you break through illusion, so you may see yourself as you truly are. You may get Selenite from the following stores: 

Full Circle 

545 Orchard Road #16-04 Far East Shopping Centre Singapore 238882


Harmony Gems & Crystals

102F Pasir Panjang Road, Citilink 

Warehouse complex #01-05 

Singapore 118530 


Qi New Age & Healing 

42 Kandahar street 

Singapore 198896 


As usual, please remember to come early for Full Moon Ritual, so you will have sufficient time for your cleansing ritual and to mentally arrive on the mats. You may also want to bring a journal to record your experiences after the meditation!