HOA Online

House of Ascend presents HOA Online: every Wednesday at 7pm starting April 15th, you can access (when you subscribe) a 30 minute recording of our signature Gong therapy led by our co-creators Suraya Sam & Jens Ringefelt for your very own home practice! 

We begin this week April 15th, with a seated Gong Meditation practice to center yourself and rejuvenate your energy fields. The following Wednesday April 22nd, join us for a short meditation to honour the Taurus New Moon and to sow the seeds of your intention for the month to come. Following that we will wrap things off for now with a Gong Meditation in Savasana on the third week April 29th. 

To start, find a quiet place within your home to set up your sacred space. Remember to take a shower before you begin your practice, and cleanse your space with incense resins or sticks. You may choose to work with your favourite essential oils or crystals to enhance your meditation. Feel free to browse our past Rituals if you need some ideas on which crystals to use. Due to the resonance of the Gong, we also recommend using good headphones or stereo speakers for optimal sound during this experience.

Despite our Shala’s closure, we would like to encourage you to maintain a regular home practice to clear yourself of emotional and spiritual debris during this intense, transformational period. We hope the sound of the Gong will bring you much needed comfort. 

Meanwhile, stay tuned for more useful resources on our blog and social media. How are you crafting your home practice? Let us know! 

Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA