HOA Live: Virtual Yoga Sessions

How is your home practice going? If you have missed practicing yoga with us at HOA, we have good news for you! House of Ascend presents HOA Live: Virtual Yoga Sessions on Saturday and Sunday at 15:30, starting May 16th. 

HOA will be launching a new series of virtual yoga sessions. Starting May 16th, you can access an exclusive Yin session on Saturdays and Yin Yang session on Sundays at 15:30, led by HOA co-creator Suraya Sam. Each session will be 60 minutes long. 

HOA’s Yin practice is targeted specifically at individuals needing to release stress. The deep stretching incorporated in our Yin practice helps release blockages, tension, pain and rigidity in our fascia and connective tissues, to maintain free flowing movement of energy in our body. 

Meanwhile our Yin Yang practice will guide you toward greater balance and harmony in the body. In ancient Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang represents the concept of dualism, which may seemingly describe opposite or contrary forces, but in reality actually symbolise complementary, interconnected and interdependent elements in the natural world.  

Existing HOA clients can use their package to book these virtual sessions that will be held on the Mindbody platform. Drop in’s are also welcomed and are priced at $20. Simply book a mat as you normally do on HOA Live, and you will receive an automatic email with the livestream link 30 minutes before the sessions begins. If you book the session close to its start time, you will receive the link within 2-3 minutes of booking. The session will begin when the host joins the session, otherwise you may be asked to wait in our virtual waiting room. 

* Kindly take note that HOA Live is only streaming Yoga sessions, with no Sound Bath as the audio for the livestream would not be able to do justice to the sound of our instruments. To stream/purchase an audio recording of our Sound Bath session, log on to HOA Online

Come move energy with us in the comfort of your own home. Log on to HOA Live to confirm your spot!  

Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA