HOA energy exchange (revised pricing scheme)

As we move on to our next chapter, please note that HOA will be revising our pricing scheme and packages to reflect the depth and quality of our offerings. We are happy to announce that all of our practices and rituals will be 90 minutes to 120 minutes, for a deeper restorative and rejuvenating experience. Each of the following sessions are led by HOA co-creator and facilitator, Suraya Sam.

Our daily practice combines yoga and sound therapy in sessions that will rejuvenate and reinvigorate. Each practice - Gong Yin, Gong Yang and Gong Meditation - individually corresponds with and aims to recalibrate the mind, body and spirit respectively. 

GONG YIN is a slow and restorative yoga practice that focuses on releasing tension from parts of the body where stress is held. This practice is augmented with the gong, whereby the vibrations of the gong will help release physical blockages in the muscles and joints. Each posture is held for an extended period with deep breathing techniques employed to clear the mind. This restorative practice is suitable for all levels, and is especially suitable for those with chronic pain in the body or are recovering from injuries.

GONG YANG is an active yoga practice that emphasises on moving energy through the body with dynamic movement and control of the breath. This practice enables the practitioner to build strength while remaining mindful of the body’s needs. This practice is augmented with the gong, whereby the vibrations of the gong helps to unblock stuck energy in the body. This is a rejuvenating practice suitable for all levels, with modifications for those with a yoga practice.  

GONG MEDITATION is a meditation practice where guests are treated to aromatherapy, guided through basic breath-work exercises and then are able to choose between meditating sitting up or lying down while the gong is being played. The sound from the gong realigns the body to its natural frequency, and helps release blockages in the body and mind. 

Our Rituals take place with the New Moon and Full Moon each month - to better manifest our desires and release the things that no longer serve our higher purpose. We will also be working with mantra chanting, and a different crystal each session that correlates to the theme and the Astrological sign of the season - for a more customised experience! 

Please note that practices and rituals at House of Ascend are by appointment only, and will require prepayment on our website at www.houseofascend.com. Please book early and confirm your spot to avoid disappointment! Our new prices are as follows: 


One practice - $37 

One ritual - $52 or 2 classes off session package


6 pack - $140 (valid for 1 month) 

You can choose to use the 6 pack in the following variations: 

  • 6 practices 

  • 2 practices & 2 rituals 

  • 3 rituals 

12 pack - $250 (valid for 3 months) 

You can choose to use the 12 pack in the following variations:  

  • 12 practices 

  • 4 practices & 4 rituals 

  • 2 practices & 5 rituals 

  • 6 rituals 

*Take note of our Terms and Conditions. If you have any enquiries, feel free to drop us an email at we.are@houseofascend.com House of Ascend is located at:

79 Chay Yan Street

Level 1-18 Singapore 160079

(Side entrance on Chay Yan St open air carpark, black gate) 

See you at our shala!