“Where do I go during Gong Meditation?” and other frequently asked questions.

In this special edition interview, we spoke to HOA co-creator Suraya Sam also known as Sue about our signature Gong Meditation class, and more specifically about the rituals surrounding the practice as well as the effects of the Gong on meditators. Sue regularly faces many curious meditators coming to her after a session with questions - and for good reason, as the esoteric practice of Gong Meditation often opens doors to realms beyond our imagination. In this blog post, we have compiled the most commonly asked questions for your continued knowledge. 

Why do I have to wash my feet before Gong Meditation? 

Because you are entering a sacred space. Your feet are the point of contact to the outside world, and they pick up dirt which should be cleansed before a sacred practice. By creating that ritual of feet-washing, it also puts you in the right headspace. 

What are you chanting during Gong Meditation? 

Aad Guray Nameh

Jugaad Guray Nameh

Sat Guray Nameh

Siri Guru Dayvay Nameh

Ong Namo 

Guru Dev Namo

  Ad Such

Jugad Such   

Haibhee Such

Nanak Hosee Bhee Such

A prayer to establish the Golden link of the Self. Read our Mantra blog post for more explanation. 

Oh no I fell asleep during Gong Meditation, does that mean it didn’t work for me? 

It means the capacity of your consciousness and awareness is limited so the body goes into restorative mode fairly quickly. It takes a few more Gong Meditation sessions to go deep into the realms of yourself. But to fall asleep is fairly common.

Where do I go during Gong Meditation? 

The same place you go when you are asleep.

The sound of the gong makes me feel uncomfortable and afraid. Why is that? 

There are some things or experiences that reside in your body that need to be addressed and set free.

The things that I see and feel during Gong Meditation... Are they real? 

Yes! The mind is ever expanding if you allow it. 

Why do parts of my body twitch and move on their own? 

The vibrations of the Gongs work on a cellular level to ease any sore muscles and over or under active energy centers. When such blockages are released in your body, the flow of energy is restored, which sometimes cause involuntary movement. 

Why do I feel so hungry after Gong Meditation?

When your body is in a restorative mode, your metabolic rate increases and depletes stored energy, causing you to feel hungry. 

Everyone else reports having a profound experience during Gong Meditation, but how come nothing happens to me? 

You need to establish the Golden link of the mind, body and breath connection. Perhaps you are still stuck in your mind, and unable to silence the chatter that goes on in your head. Try harder to focus on the breath. 

How are you able to gong for so long without getting tired? 

It takes practice.

What goes on in your head when you’re playing the gong? 

The elements, the flora and fauna, the evolution of humanity, the web of life, the tree of life, the cosmos - we are all interconnected.

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