Gemini Full Moon Ritual

The energies of Gemini this Full Moon on December 12th brings us a sense of of wonder, innocence, and a fresh take on old situations. She never assumes anything and treats every situation as a new experience about to open her mind to a new reality. In her highest vibration, Gemini observes without judgment or bias. She withholds her opinions and presumptions as she awaits new information.

On this Gemini Full Moon, become the patient observer of your own life. Explore your feelings without attachment, and without letting them define you. Observe and collect information on the energies you carry within your vibration at all times. Be open to them and realise there are no wrong emotions. Whatever exists within you is simply energy, and there is never a reason to judge it or feel ashamed about it.

The energies this Full Moon brings us the opportunity to examine the narratives that go through our minds daily. Narratives are stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, our experiences, our perceptions of the past, and even about other people. We form stories around what it means to feel sad, what it means to feel happy, and so on, based on what we have been conditioned to believe. Take the opportunity this Full Moon to sit with your feelings and rewrite your narratives around them. When perceiving the external world, we allow our narrative to take over instead of what is actually occurring in the present. Begin to observe the stories you place on other people this Full Moon and open yourself to new truths about them and yourself. As you shift your stories, you shift your energetic vibrations.

On this Full Moon, we are working with the energies of both Gemini and Sagittarius. As the Moon and Sun oppose one another, we can see the full illumination of both signs in our energetic body. Both Gemini and Sagittarius are concerned with the mysteries of life and understanding them. Gemini sees the details where Sagittarius considers the bigger picture. Together they have it all; an expansive view with knowledge of the intricacies which make the whole. Aligning with their higher vibrations requires an open-mind, a willingness to expand past our current perceptions, and gratitude for all the dots that connect to form our lives. 

This Full Moon, we will be working with the energies of the Amethyst crystal. Amethyst is an extremely spiritual and intuitive stone that encourages the opening of the Third Eye. Enhancing spiritual awareness and connecting to divine love, it promotes psychic vision and entry into higher realms, possibly being used to facilitate out-of-body experiences.

Amethyst is used in meditation as it is a natural tranquilliser and is highly effective at calming the mind, although it can stimulate the mental faculties where appropriate. Amethyst improves memory and concentration by facilitating the transmission of neural signals through the brain. This crystal is useful for insomnia caused by an overactive mind and when placed under the pillow it also protects against recurrent nightmares. Amethyst has been used since ancient times to ward of drunkenness, and has been known to treat addiction and addictive personality traits. 

Access a different level of awareness with the energies of Amethyst at our Gemini Full Moon Ritual, December 13th at 7pm when you rsvp today!

Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA