Full Moon Ritual

Throughout human history, the Full Moon has been an important celestial event for many cultures and belief systems, and has inspired much folklore, superstition and tradition around the world. That’s because the moon has such a significant influence on our home planet and the beings that reside on it. We already know that the moon has a direct effect on the tides, and being comprised of 70% water, we tend to wonder if humans are also affected by it on a subconscious level. In the most potent phase of its cycle, the Full Moon’s energy can seem to intensify or destabilise our emotions, heighten our intuition, or even make us feel physically disoriented. The bright light of the moon at its full power illuminates the areas of our lives which need attention, and oftentimes this leaves us feeling overwhelmed. 

That’s why it’s important to set aside time during the Full Moon for self-care. The Moon is also traditionally associated with the Goddess, asking us to connect to our Yin side by taking things gentle and slow. We channel the Divine Mother and use this time to nurture ourselves. We do this by tuning into our inner voice to take stock of where we are psychologically, and find out what exactly it is we need to realign ourselves with our highest purpose and most authentic self. Getting in touch with our shadow self primes us to release all of which is no longer serving us, making space for profound transmutation. Once we have energetically purged, we will inevitably feel reborn again!  The Full Moon Ritual at HOA aims to guide you through this process of release and renewal.  The practice begins with a simple grounding flow to reconnect with the body, followed by powerful mantras to balance each chakra, starting from the root to the crown. We will also be symbolically letting go of the intentions we have manifested during the New Moon Ritual. Our guide will then ease you into a guided meditation, introducing you to the quantum pause technique to observe your breath and focus your mind. Shortly after that, our guide will play the gong to further deepen your meditation. We invite you to simply relax, and join us in the here and now. Allow your process to unfold and let your gong journey take you where you need to go. Please note that the sound of the gong will be with you for 48 hours afterwards, so please remember to hydrate!  Each participant of our Full Moon Ritual will be gifted items for a cleansing ritual in the form of a Flower Bath. At home, you will be preparing your ritual by placing the flower petals and kaffir lime (cut into a dice by having its edges sliced 6 ways) into fresh water which should be enough to cleanse yourself. You will start by setting your intention and then proceed with washing yourself, beginning with your face and head, then gradually moving on to the rest of the body. Once completed, gather the petals once again and release them into the sea within 7 days of the ritual.  The Full Moon represents a most potent time for magick - tap into its energies to draw forth from yourself the most incredible transformations!