Do you trust yourself Blindfolded?

Join us May 21st & May 28th for a special edition of our Gong Yang practice at HOA. We are excited to share with you our last two syllabus for Week 8 & 9 on Gong Yang, where we will let our intuition take the lead and flow with our eyes closed!

Gong Yang is an active yoga practice that emphasises on moving energy through the body with dynamic movement and control of the breath. This session enables the practitioner to build strength while remaining mindful of the body’s needs. This session is augmented with the gong, whereby the vibrations of the gong helps to unblock stuck energy in the body. Each posture flows from one to the other following the breath. Gong Yang is a rejuvenating practice suitable for all levels, with modifications for those with a yoga practice. In this special Gong Yang session, participants will be encouraged to wear a blindfold throughout the duration of 90 minutes. This practice can greatly help to develop our intuitive and/or psychic abilities.

Our intuition is governed by the Third Eye chakra, otherwise known as the pineal gland. The pineal gland secretes melatonin to regulate sleep and wake cycles. Without the proper amounts of melatonin in our system, we experience sleep disruption and possibly an accelerated aging process. Other hormones and chemicals created through the pineal gland is essential in promoting states of happiness and peace, maintaining a healthy mental function and balancing our moods. Ancient wisdom cultures throughout the world also seemed to have an understanding of the extreme value and importance of the pineal gland. It is often referred to as our “Third Eye” and is associated with visionary, psychic and spiritual phenomena and experiences. When the Third Eye chakra is balanced, we are able to trust ourselves completely based on information perceived not only from our 5 physical senses but also our metaphysical senses. We become more sensitive and feel the full spectrum of what life has to offer.

Do you notice that the silliest of accidents - like stubbing a toe or bumping into someone - can happen even though our eyes are open? This is because most of us who can see take our vision for granted, and so we move through life with our head in the clouds. With our physical eyes closed, we are able to intuitively reconnect with our body without the distraction of visual information. Since we cannot rely on our eyes, we turn to our other senses to help us. Our focus especially becomes sharper. We are completely in our body; our movements are executed with care, control and mindfulness. We learn to trust ourselves better; the body remembers the cues, the body knows how to move and settle into the correct alignment. Even if we fall over, nobody else can see!

A blindfolded practice is exciting because it forces us into the unknown. We don’t know if we’re going to pull off that blind warrior 3 successfully or end up in a heap on the floor. It’s exciting because we are forced to let go and surrender.

For those new to a blindfolded session, why not take the plunge today? Book your Week 8 & 9 Gong Yang syllabus here!

PS. Don't forget to bring along your blindfold...