Crystal Bowl Meditation & Workshop by Alex Young

HOA is pleased to welcome Alex Young, an alchemist with Crystal Tones bowls from USA! Alex will be facilitating a 3-day crystal bowl programme this July:


July 27th, $68

3pm - 5pm Crystal Bowl Meditation

July 28th, $88

10am - 1pm Crystal Bowl Workshop

July 31st, $68

7pm - 9pm Crystal Bowl Meditation

*Not applicable for package use

In the 3-hour intensive workshop on Sunday, you will learn basic sound healing knowledge with a focus on how to effectively and skilfully play crystal bowls. You will receive an in-depth history of crystals and their applications for healing and enlightenment, overview of our chakras/energy centers and their connection to different sound currents, as well as how to cleanse and activate them through sound healing practices. In this feature, we speak to Alex about his work with crystal bowls and his journey thus far: 

Hi Alex, thank you for speaking to us ahead of your arrival. To start, please tell us a little about yourself and what you do. What is your story?

My name is Alex Redford Young I am 31 years young and I love traveling the world and sharing my message of love and kindness through sound healing and meditation. My story starts in Utah where I was born and later moved to California when I was 14. At 17 I started studying healing arts and working alongside my father Dr. Robert Young. Later on, while studying biochemistry in college I felt very unfulfilled in life and so I dropped out of college and went to massage therapy and yoga schools. I learned a lot about myself during this healing, education and expansion. 10 years later, after a long time working with many clients all over the world in retreats and private homes, I asked the universe how can I be of better service with my gifts and in a way where I don’t have to physically touch the body. So I listened deeply to Spirit, and was told to go to different parts of the planet for connection via specific events and communities - and lo and behold, the owners of Crystal Tones and I found each other in San Francisco, and this is how my crystal bowl family was activated. I have been working alongside Crystal Tones for 4 years now.  

How has working with crystal bowls transformed your life?

Because of the pure innovation and power of the tools (crystal bowl), everything has changed dramatically as far as my healing work goes out in the world. I have gone from working 1-on-1 to massive group healings because of how far the sound can stretch and affect people so quickly. When you are working with the speed of sound from a source of quartz molecule you are in the future, shifting consciousness really quickly for ascension of humanity, where the planet is going as a collective. 

Could you briefly tell us how the crystal bowls work?

Crystal bowls are sound energy tools that have the most incredible harmonics, and can be played around someone’s body or in a front of a group of people to help entrain the bodies and mind to come to a place of relaxation and void. When you look at a bowl all that is seen is an empty bowl, so when working with a tool like this you are teaching people to empty, to be void, to create broadness. 

What would you like to say to someone aspiring to get started a practice in sound healing? 

Anyone that is interested in working with crystal bowls and are passionate about music, frequency and vibration then you are here to claim the future of healing for humanity. There are plenty of quotes from the masters of this time where pure tone is referred to as the medicine of the future - names like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Eckhart Tolle all contributed to this idea. Other than that, don’t have any expectations, follow your heart and learn from as many people you can that are sharing this sacred healing art in the community. 

Thank you, Alex! 

If you are being called to work with sound in new ways by awakening your own unique frequency, this rich intensive workshop is for you. Beneficial for anyone interested in personal growth, anyone in the healing field or anyone interested in getting started in sound healing as a career. No experience necessary! Book your spots today

Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA