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In conversation with Christina Michele Rios

By now we have all experienced the powerful effects of Gong Meditation on our physical, mental and emotional state. Frequently attending Gong Meditation can no doubt recalibrate our body’s vibrational frequency to its natural state, release blockages and restore balance to our lives. Everyone reacts to the experience differently, and each practice represents a beautiful milepost on our journey of personal growth. In this feature, we speak to a familiar face at HOA, Christina Michele Rios, about her experiences at Gong Meditation. Christina is a writer and digital marketing consultant by day, with an interest in energy healing modalities, vibrational medicine and holistic well-being. In the following interview, Christina reflects on her practice, learning opportunities and the wisdom she has received from the Gong. 

Hi Christina! Thank you for agreeing to be part of this feature. At HOA, we can attest that Gong Meditation is a powerful tool for getting in touch with your inner landscape. What made you interested in the practice? 

Last year I noticed several familiar patterns manifesting in my life. I felt stressed out, stuck, anxious and unfulfilled. Having tried several meditation modalities already, I was up for trying something to augment my practice and help me journey deeper into Self. I wanted to uncover why I was experiencing these emotions, I knew there was a greater lesson waiting to be discovered. 

What are your experiences like during Gong Meditation? Have you had any memorable experiences to share? 

What I have learned is that you cannot hide anything from the Gong. We suppress emotions and memories because they are unpleasant. And, as a society, we are taught to just get on and not dwell on painful feelings. But in doing so, we hide from our pain, we do not allow it time to breathe. We do not allow ourselves to experience the full wave. Instead, we stuff things down inside us. Eventually, all of these feelings and memories bubble up to the surface in unexpected ways. Sometimes years and years later. They manifest in patterns and projections. Gong has helped me face everything I have suppressed that needed more time to breathe. What needed more silence, stillness and observation. My experiences are ones where I venture deep in my own internal world, into consciousness. They are very reflective, intuitive and healing. 

One of my most memorable experiences was one where I went back into time and forgave myself for any wrong doings I did from age 4-5 yr old until present day. I hugged myself, I held space for myself and I accepted what I had done. Then, I again went back into time from age 4-5 yr old until present day and forgave everyone who has ever hurt me, lied to me, slandered my name or just generally misunderstood me, my intentions and character. It was one of the most liberating, cathartic and humbling experiences I have ever had. I felt such a profound sense of peace afterwards. 

I have had other experiences where I communicated with my spirit guides, asking them if there was anything I needed to know. Asking if they had any specific messages for me. One of the most important lessons of all that they shared with me is that only we can heal ourselves. We can look externally for answers, guidance, find healers, wise sages, etc. But only YOU contain the wisdom to solve your problems, it is within you, ALWAYS. Our problems are a portal, they are a doorway, an opportunity that leads to discovering our soul's bigger purpose. In essence, they are a gift. 

You are a regular at our Gong Meditation and Lunar practices. How do you think these sessions have helped you? 

Gong has taught me to embrace my lightness and my darkness. As human beings, we possess both. Gong has taught me not to hide or shy away from my darkness, but to observe it without judgement, understand the root of where it comes from and how to integrate it. It's helped me heal and release from past pain and trauma. Our relationship with Self is the most important one of all. Gong Meditation has empowered me to have more self-love and compassion towards Self. The way we speak to and treat ourselves matters. 

Gong has empowered me to lean into my own intuition, tapping into my highest Self and internal deep wisdom to seek answers and discover solutions to anything I am struggling with. This has helped me become far more present and in turn has almost entirely cured my anxiety at the root. 

How do you think someone could benefit from HOA Gong Yoga/Meditation sessions? 

In the same way Gong has empowered me and provided 1.5-2 hours of uninterrupted self-care time, I believe Gong Meditation will provide the same space and environment for everyone to venture deep within to their internal world and tend to whatever needs more love, more time and more observation. From PTSD, depression, anxiety, feeling lost, unfulfilled, searching for your soul purpose, burn out, to grief, etc. Gong empowers us all to be our own healer. 

Come experience the magic of the Gong yourself! Register for a session today!

Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA


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