Cancer Full Moon Ritual

On January 11th, is the first Full Moon of the year conjuncts with the astrological sign of Cancer - and also happens to be a Lunar Eclipse! This cosmic phenomenon follows the recent Solar Eclipse of the New Moon in Capricorn and may help us break through barriers that prevent us from manifesting our New Moon vision. The intense energies of the Full Moon often bring about a perceived crisis, which serves to amplify our emotions and provide an opportunity for release and transformation by illuminating our need to embody a different way of being.

A Lunar Eclipse amplifies the already intense Full Moon energies, as well as the energies of the season: Cancer Moon and Capricorn Sun. Both these signs are concerned with responsibilities; where Cancer is concerned with responsibility to ourselves, Capricorn is focused on responsibility to society and other people. 

When working with the energies of this season, remain focused on holding space for yourself to develop a deeper understanding of your energy. This space involves nurturing your emotions, developing your intuition, and releasing judgment of yourself and others. Have compassion for yourself as you learn to restore your energy before directing it. When we combine the higher vibrations of Cancer and Capricorn, we create a balanced life, where we allow ourselves to feel every emotion with authenticity, even if they are uncomfortable in the moment. We are in tune with our heart virtues, and we make choices aligned with our soul. We uphold the responsibility to ourselves and others with grace and ease as we share our gifts freely with the world. 

Cancer is ruled by the element of Water, which encourages us to connect with the emotions that pour forth from within us. Contemplate the source of these feelings and facilitate their release. In connecting with the sign of Cancer, let the cleansing power of water rejuvenate your energies in preparation for the new year and new decade to come. Allow yourself to sink into the sea, or prepare a cleansing ritual bath to ceremonially purge yourself of the energies of your recent history. 

The energy of Cancer season is nurturing, feminine and fluid - a stark contrast from the structure brought to us by Capricorn season. Cancer encourages us to step away from the expectations of our new year’s resolutions, goals and to-do lists for a moment, to just feel. This season, how you can open up space for healing, so we can make room for the blessings and lessons of the year to come. Cancer season reminds us to cultivate patience for ourself and our process, and to allow our energy to unfold in its own time rather than forcing them into a direction. 

Ask yourself, how you can truly nurture yourself? What restores your energy, and what depletes it? Release anything you no longer want. Remember that in order to truly let go of an energy, you need to understand it. Also bring new understanding to your joy, love, and other positive emotions. You always have the power to choose what you want to feel in any moment.

This Full Moon Ritual, we will be working with the energies of the Blue Lace Agate, the crystal of your authentic truth. It is a stone that connects emotion with self-expression. Blue Lace Agate is particularly beneficial in opening a blocked throat chakra and for promoting clear communication, especially of thoughts and feelings that have previously been held back. Blue Lace Agate may benefit the thyroid and parathyroid glands, helping to regulate secretions and their effect on the body.

Blue Lace Agate helps to overcome tension in the neck and shoulders, particularly if they have become weighed down by psychosomatic causes. It also gently removes any feeling of suffocation in the chest, and the physical conditions that arise out of this such as asthma or emphysema. The soothing light blue colour of this Agate reflects the nature of its energy, and may provide emotional comfort for those who require it. 

Find time to hold space for yourself and your inner landscape this Cancer season with the Full Moon Eclipse Ritual at HOA. RSVP today!

Written by Izzy Liyana, content creator & writer for HOA